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Nikon D800/E replacement to be announced on June 26th

I can now confirm the the announcement date for the Nikon D800/E camera replacement: June 26th. Here again are the rumored specifications:

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Nikon announcement by the end of June

A quick update on my previous post: without mentioning the exact countries, I received several tips that NDA press invitations have been already sent out for an event scheduled for next week. The official announcements are usually few days after those closed doors press events. In another country, Nikon reps are already scheduling in-store demos […]

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We are getting closer to another Nikon announcement

Another Nikon announcement is coming soon: the latest rumors I received today indicate that Nikon will soon announce new product(s) (could be as early as this week). I still cannot confirm the exact date, but the D800/E replacement was rumored to be announced this month. Another possibility is the new Coolpix camera with 1″ sensor. […]

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The Nikon D800/E replacement will be made in Thailand

A quick update on my last post for the rumored Nikon D800/E replacement: the new camera will be made in Thailand (the D800/E were made in Japan). I am still not sure about the exact model name of the new DSLR, but most likely it will be called D800s or D810. Prototype cameras have been already tested […]

Nikon D800 camera made in Japan
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What exactly is the new Nikon sRAW file format?

The D4s was the first Nikon camera to support the new sRAW format (aka NEF RAW size S file format) and the rumored D800/D800E replacement is also expected to have it. In the latest [NR] blog’s discussions there were some confusion on what exactly sRAW is. Here are some interesting findings on the new Nikon sRAW format […]

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Rumors: Nikon D800/D800E replacement coming in June *UPDATED*

Nikon will announce a new full frame DSLR camera this summer (I call it D800s, but the name could be different). As previously reported, the new camera will be based on the D800E (without AA filter) and will contain few small updates (similar to the D4->D4s refresh). Here is an updated list of specifications:

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Rumors: Nikon D800s camera preliminary specifications

Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D800s DSLR camera:

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