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Grey market Nikon D800 cameras now sale for $2,100

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The price of the grey market Nikon D800 camera dropped to $2,099.99 on eBay. Note that grey market Nikon equipment does not have US warranty and Nikon USA will not repair it.

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Best performing 24mm lenses for the Nikon D800 camera

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DxOMark published their test results for the Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC (AE) lens. Here is an updated list of the best performing 24mm lenses for the Nikon D800 camera: Lens Price DxOMark Score Sharpness Carl Zeiss Distagon T 25mm f/2 ZF.2 $1,699 34 22 Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G ED $1,899 34 17 Samyang […]

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Today only: refurbished Nikon D800 for $2,099.99 (new low price)

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Roberts Camera is selling refurbished Nikon D800 cameras on eBay for $2,099.99 (new low price). They offer 180 days warranty and free shipping. This deal is valid only for today. Limited quantity available.

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[NR] exclusive: Nikon D4s high ISO/low light comparison with D4, D3s, D800E and D600 cameras

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Terry Hansen did a very extensive and detailed high ISO/low light comparisons between the Nikon D4s (including RAW and small RAW files) and the D4, D3s, D600, D800E cameras. In this post I have included only the samples from ISO 6,400 and above, since this is the range where most readers will be interested to see the […]

Nikon D4s DSLR camera 7
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Nikon D800E instant savings to end in 2 days and will not be extended

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The current $300 instant savings on the Nikon D800E will expire on February 1st and will not be extended for next month based on the information I have received. In addition to the $300 rebate, B&H currently offers $159.80 in free accessories, 4% in reward and free shipping. If you are planning to buy this camera, […]

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Birds in flight photography with the Nikon D800 and D600 cameras

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Hi [NR], I am Jiayi Chong (Flickr). Outside of work, I do wildlife (mostly birds) photography as my weekend hobby/passion. There has been much discussion about the new D600 and D800 cameras with regard to capturing birds in flight. Since I use both of these camera bodies regularly, I thought I could provide some useful […]

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Birds in flight with the Nikon D800

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“Birds in flight with the Nikon D800″ is by Simon Speich (click on images for larger view): The Nikon D800 is really a fantastic camera, not only for landscape and architecture. I think it’s also a wonderful wildlife or action camera thanks to the super fast and smart autofocus Multi-CAM 3500FX, which gives you sharp […]

Birds in flight with the Nikon D800 6
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