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Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012


In addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012. I believe that the new cameras will all be DX models – my vote goes for Nikon D3100, D7000 and D300s replacements. In terms of lenses, I am confident about at least two new DX products:

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Nikon D400 will not be announced before the D800/D4


As of today I don’t have any details on the Nikon D400 DSLR camera (or whatever the D300s replacement will be called). The only information I received is that the Nikon D400 will be released in 2012 after the D800/D4 announcements (I was told in March). It’s just too early to consider this information as reliable. Maybe Nikon will really […]

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What could the Nikon D400 sensor be like?

In addition to Nikon’s press event on August 24th, Sony is also expected to announce its new a77 camera on the same date. This is another reason why we may not see a Nikon D300s replacement this month – Sony will want to take all the glory with its new 24MP sensor. Here is what […]

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What camera are you waiting for?

I am just curious what new Nikon camera the majority of [NR] readers are waiting for? Here is a quick poll: What Nikon camera are you waiting for?

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Nikon rep: two DSLRs will be announced by the end of August

This is the email I received from a reader describing a recent Nikon event organized for major authorized dealers in a country I will not mention online in order not to get anyone in trouble: They essentially explain what happened with Nikon since March 11th (earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima, etc.) and what major decisions have been […]

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Nikon D4 with 32MP, D400 with 24MP sensors from Sony?

I received a tip about Sony’s new a920 full frame camera with a 32MP sensor to be announced this August. If this turns out to be true, there is a good chance that the Nikon D3s replacement (D4?) will also use this 32MP sensor (given that Nikon continues to use Sony sensors). On the APS-C […]

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Reality or fiction: Nikon D4, D4x, D400, D400x, D800, D800x, D9000 specs

So, you want rumors? Here we go: this is an email I received few hours ago. I am posting the unedited version. Reality or fiction? You decide (I vote for fiction with both hands): Subject: Believe or not. I have most Nikon D4/D400/D800 specs from Swedish information i have. Message: You cannot truly believe it. So, […]

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