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Nikon Canada announced a new free service program for D3 and D3x

Luminous-Landscape just published this: “Nikon Canada has announced a new free service program for its D3 and D3x customers. This provides: Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings Routine adjustments as necessary resulting from normal usage, excluding cosmetic “wear and tear” Two comprehensive check-ups and cleanings; one in the first year of ownership and one in the second.” I could not […]

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After the Nikon price hike… a rebate?

Nikon France started a new rebate program (valid from March 15 – June 14): Not sure yet if other countries will have similar programs. Update: Belgium Nikon rebates. Hit the comments section for more rebates reports from around the world.

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Another reason why we may not see a medium format Nikon

Flashback: “The D3x gave medium-format looking files with all the flexibility of the Nikkor Lens system” Dxomark tested sensors from several medium format cameras: Mamiya ZD Back, Leaf Aptus 75S, Hasselblad H3DII 39, and Phase One P45+. Now medium format can be compared to the D3x (in theory): Related article: “Especially at low ISO, the Nikon D3x offers […]

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Nikon D3x is good (from Chase Jarvis and others)

Update: this is how Chase answered my question on the noise level issues: “I didn’t experience any unjust noise at 800 with properly exposed images. 1600 even looked nice. I ultimately might be willing to shoot the D3 at higher ISO than the D3x, but that’s really transcending what the D3x is meant for… Compared […]

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Nikon D3x noise levels again

I was researching further the D3x noise issue and I came across this test from popphoto. I do not know how the tests were performed, but here is a comparison between the noise levels of Nikon D3, Nikon D3x and Canon EOS 5D Mark II: the Canon seems to be better than the D3x at […]

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