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Weird news update from Nikon Corp

This, rather unusual news update, was just published by Nikon Corporation: “Comments on Media Reports about Nikon’s imaging product Nikon understands that some article appeared in the media regarding Nikon’s imaging product. Please note that Nikon has made no announcement in this regards.” Are they referring to the Reuters report from earlier today or to the red […]

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One reason why Nikon announced the red D3100…


… is because Canon has one: But seriously, Nikon and Canon always have announcements scheduled just few days apart and it seems that this will also be the case this month: Canon will present new products on September 15th and 27th. In August Canon announced new compact cameras a day before Nikon. This is not a coincidence.

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More on the red Nikon D3100 camera


It seems that the new red Nikon D3100 will be available for sale only in Europe (Germany, Sweden, Romania, etc.) and Japan. According to the official German press release, the red D3100 kit will cost 599 EUR and will be available exclusively on The release date is September 22nd (few days earlier for Japan). Next Nikon announcement is on […]

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Announcement: Nikon D3100 in red


This is the announcement for tonight: Nikon D3100 in red… Well, not really an announcement, there is no official press release for obvious reasons. The red D3100 may only be for the US market since I did not see any updated on the other international Nikon websites. As I mentioned on several occasions, we should all have lowered our expectations […]

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The sensors of the D3, D3s, D700 and D3100 are made by Nikon *updated*

In addition to the Nikon D7000 sensor which is made by Sony, here is some more information from Chipworks on the different sensors in Nikon DSLR bodies: Nikon D3/D700 sensor NC81338L: made by Nikon Nikon D3s sensor NC81361A: made by Nikon Nikon D3100 sensor NC81362A: made by Nikon Nikon D90 sensor IMX038: made by Sony

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