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Impress magazine predicts a Nikon D800 styled body with the 16MP sensor from the D4 in 2013


The Japanese magazine Impress published their Nikon predictions for 2013 (they are doing this every year - see their 2012 predictions here):

  • A new, D800 sized body, with the 16MP sensor from the D4. Nikon did that with the D3 and D700, but never released a camera with the improved sensor from the D3s. While this scenario is certainly possible, I still believe that Nikon is afraid of cannibalizing their D4 sales with such camera.
  • New DX lenses (something I mentioned few months ago).
  • Nikon D7000 replacement (see also this post). While 2012 was a FX year (three full frame DSLRs were announced), I think that 2013 will be the year of the DX format.

See the full list of 2013 predictions from Impress. Please note that those are just the opinions of the the editors, this information was not confirmed by Nikon.

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  • Luke

    Fer rizzle?

  • thomasverbeke

    Any news from that D600 firmware update you were talking about?

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Firmware to fix dust?

      • thomasverbeke

        no to fix live-aperture & full hdmi output

      • genotypewriter

        No, to fix the forum idiot who’s still going on about dust issue a month after no one reported it.

        Get a camera, any camera and get off our backs.

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          How does a firmware update fix forum idiots?

        • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

          Nice to meet a fan

  • http://www.facebook.com/vadym.loza Vadym Loza

    A new, D800 sized body, with the 16MP sensor from the D4.
    – it will be the best camera for me.

    • St.

      D800 body and 16MPx sensor LIKE (not FROM) the D4.
      In one word 16MPx Pro DX body – fast fps, excellent IQ and ISO performance…
      Wasn’t that what the audience needed?

      • sad

        Why buy the D4 then ? To show off ? Such a camera will definitely HURT the D4 sales.

        • St.

          To me no camera can hurt D4 sales (except if there is D4s). It is a very special camera for certain people and pro’s. I wouldn’t get this camera for me, because it doesn’t fit my needs and it is too big. But if you’re a pro, shooting sports, or at very harsh weather conditions – dust, cold, etc. there is no other camera that will fit you better.

  • mortal wombat

    Funny- they are quoting NR for their DX lenses prediction

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ Nikon Rumors

      Did not know that. Any better translation?

      • Dan

        There’s no mention of Nikon Rumors in the PDF on their website. However, there’s a second page to the article that is missing from the PDF where they probably talk about the DX lens.

        • jake

          because it the PDF version is not complete version of the article , it is a part of mag article kind of the end of the year special issue.
          so, if we want to read it all, we must buy the cheap lousy mag.

          • Hiroshi Nakamura

            “Cheap lousy mag…” ?
            You obviously haven’t read a single edition of it, have you – you ignorant bozo?
            Let me send you few copies of mine, you actually may learn something before you start spewing drivel on the forum.

            • Gerard Paterson

              He may need to brush up on some Japanaese though, haha.

      • mortal wombat

        I clicked on the hyperlink of their website – it brought me back to NR

        • AM

          LOL, you clicked on the link on Photo Rumors that brought you back to NR.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fabio.machado.5243 Fabio Machado

    Any news from D600 dust/oil issue?

    • sammitch

      where have you been?!?!? no issue anymore.

      • http://www.facebook.com/fabio.machado.5243 Fabio Machado

        I’ve been reading Amazon.com comments and still there has been some people complaining about that. Did Nikon said something?

        • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

          Nikon haven’t said anything, and any new D600 don’t have this problem.
          your dust issue will go away after 3k shots or something like that, if not, send it in.

    • Wolf

      I think it was a Canon scam. Since the 6D is out, you hear nothing of it anymore.
      My D600 has no problems and it is one of the earlier models.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You asked the same question and got the answer on another post…what is wrong with you? Is our English not good enough for you to understand?

  • jsilva200022

    Finally good news from Nikon! I knew the D600 was NOT the replacement for the D700. The new mini D4/D800 will be a winner.

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      How could you even come close to think that the D600 would be a D700 replacement? the D600 is in a entirely new lineup. D800 is still the only camera close enough to call a replacement, but its not a direct replacement.

  • Funduro

    So much for the Mayan dooms day prediction. D800 body/D4 sensor: I predict that will be my next Nikon FX body. :-)

  • bgbs

    How can the D700 replacement cannibalize D4 sales when everyone who needed or wanted to buy D4 bought them already. The only way Nikon would have cannibalized sales if they released both cams at the same time. Since the sale of D4 has pretty much leveled out, the only thing to do to boost overall sales is to release a mini D4 candidate.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ Nikon Rumors

      Then why didn’t they release a D700s with the sensor from the D3s? It was almost 4 years between the D700 and D800 announcements, they could have easily done a D700s in between.

      • Neopulse

        God knows…. guess they want to leave the alternate versions for the single digit series.

      • Bare

        It would be closer to 3 years if tsunami didn’t happen and only about a year after D3s announcement.

      • jake

        I think maybe no one wanted another 12mp high ISO only FX camera from Nikon at that time.

      • MyrddinWilt

        I think the circumstances of the D700 were totally different.

        Nikon was still in build out mode trying to establish a complete line of CMOS DSLRs. They bought in quite a few of the sensors, not having time or resources to differentiate them.

        So the D90 ended up with the D300 sensor and apparently slightly improved. The D3000 and D5000 came out with bought in sensors.

        Three years on Nikon have a lot more resources to bring to the table. They don’t need to make all the sensors do double duty. Each one is tuned to the camera it is designed for.

    • jake

      right but I think most of us want a D800 styled camera with the D600 sensor to go with our D800/e.

      • genotypewriter

        No, not really…

  • Amir

    Nikon D7000 replacement will be in Feb!

    Nikon D300s replacement will be in August!

    • jake

      …and th eend of the World will be in …!
      Just go away please…

  • tony5787

    I really hope this happens. The 5D Mark III has been looking really nice but I just can’t justify selling off an entire system and switching brands for a body. I would honestly be happy if they put the D600’s sensor in a D800 style body but the 16mp sensor might be even sweeter. MAKE IT HAPPEN NIKON.

    • St.

      Do you have D800?
      Once you have it, you’ll forget the rest.
      5DMIII…. troll!

      • tony5787

        No I have a D700 I don’t have a need or want for the D800. Personally I like the ergonomics of the D700 much more than the D800, though I’ve only handled the D800 a small bit. And I’m not a troll I’m just saying the 5D Mark III is a nice camera and I wish Nikon would put out something like it (D600 doesn’t count because I don’t want a camera that spits oil all over the sensor and it’s a cheaper body style).

        • St.

          Ok, sorry for the trolling.

          Now, please tell me what is the difference in ergonomics between D700 and D800? (besides the angle of the shutter, but it’s even more angled in 5DMIII).
          Also what exactly part of D700 you like better than D800? Except may be the smaller file sizes.
          And lastly – what do you like from 5DMiii better than D800?
          I know test results are not everything and everyone has his own needs, but just want to share the DXoMark comparison b/w the three:

          • tony5787

            DXOMark only reviews sensors don’t they? I personally just like the grip on the back of the D700 much more than the D800. The D800 was flat on the back when I handled it and the D700 just has a grip that I’ve come to love. Honestly I think the rear grip on my D200 might be the best grip I’ve felt on a smaller body. I also just like the smaller file sizes like you mentioned (as I said before I have no need for 36mp) as well as the increase in FPS. The buffer on the D700 is also much better than the D800 from what I’ve seen. To each their own though I didn’t mean to open up a can of worms. All I meant by mentioning the 5D Mark III was that it has a more (manageable) sensor similar to that of the D600 and it just honestly seems like more of a D700 upgrade to me than the D800 does. I’ve always seen the D800 as the D3x replacement.

            • Jorge

              Agreed. I have both the D700 and D800. The D700 fits better. The D800 leaves blisters on my right middle finger. The D700 just feel right in my hands. Though I love the D800 images.

            • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

              “The D800 leaves blisters on my right middle finger. ”

              I knew that photographers in general are a bunch of idiots but I didn’t know they could be giant pu55ies too. Take a look at these and grow some:

            • neversink

              These guys aren’t photographers, they appear to worship cameras as a fashion statement.
              “Waaah. Mama, Blisters on my fingers!” Give me a break…
              “Wahhhhh, Mama, the D800 file size is too big.” OY!!!
              We all know in the end it’s not about the camera but about the final image.

            • Jorge

              You too are an imbecile. No one said files are too big. Being that I can afford to buy whatever the f*ck I want I have the very best of Mac. The D800 is an awesome camera but as I said the ergonomics of my D700 are better. And I am a photographer as compared to you and some others here.

            • Aldo

              again… if you owned a D800 you would know the grip fixes the ergonomics issues … even for horizontal shooting

            • Jorge

              Aldo. Thank you. I did buy a grip and it does help. Appreciate it. Happy NEw Year

            • Richard Paterson

              I doubt you are. If you were a photographer than you’d know what the camera ergonomics are.

              You’re just a forum fool sitting in front aof a computer…hmm what is that word for it….wait – a troll!

            • Jorge

              Sorry Richard,

              I am a photog Richard — Weddings, Landscapes/stock. I haven’t responded because I was away for the last seven days at my “summer” home in Maine where I went to — oh yeah — shoot for a week!

            • Nikoolix

              And with that rude attitude I suppose you’re not a photographer either. Learn to behave well?

              Pretty much every professional photographer I have spoken to admits that the equipment must fit well in your hands if you’re going to enjoy handling it all day long.

              I have also tried the D800 several times and both the 700 and 800 have good grips, but I still think my D700 has a tad bit better grip. When I bought my D700 I fell in love with the ergonomics the first time I felt it, and I still enjoy it as much. I’d love to have a D800 any time, but there are still some things that are missing – especially the frame rate. I only have the ability to carry around one body at the time, and as I shoot action sometimes, the 8 FPS of the D700 are worth a lot.

            • St.

              That’s why I said everybody has different needs.
              I also think we should respect each other. Arguing is one thing, insulting is another.
              http://camerasize.com/compare/#181,290 (see back sides)
              If you see the grip size – the the difference is almost not existing. I just love how the D800 handles in my hands. I use it a lot and I never had any blisters on my fingers.
              I also like the angled shutter button a bit better on D800 – comes more natural to press. I also like the front grip curve better – makes you have a steady grip and also the function buttons are closer, which is also a plus for me.
              Of course one cannot expect the same frame rate from 36MPx camera as from 12MPx, right? Plus you can simply have both (or two different cameras) if you shoot different style.
              I shoot lots of landscape and sityscape, but lots of night and low light shooting. In the beginning I was very sceptic and was accusing Nikon of doing stupid things making 36MPx camera. As I have it for about 9 months now, I trully love it. To me, this is the best DSLR came from Nikon to date.
              The truth is – we have such a variety of cameras (and brands). Everyone can pick up exactly what he needs. Grip, IQ, fps, video, etc.
              Let’s have fun, go out and shoot!
              We all love our Nikons! :-)

            • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

              “Pretty much every professional photographer I have spoken to admits that the equipment must fit well in your hands if you’re going to enjoy handling it all day long.”

              The difference between a machine-gunning event photographer and a real photographer is like the difference between a chauffeur and a good race car driver. One is a paid servant and the other is a much sought-after artist. Don’t confuse the two because they use the same type of tools.

              Also you need to broaden your horizons a bit. Pick up a camera that’s not a DSLR… for example, something that has better quality. Real photographers haul 15Kgs of camera equipment up mountains to get a special shot. And here you’re whining about how a D800 fits in your hands.

            • neversink

              Thank you genotype… My sentiments exactly….

            • Nikon Shooter

              Geno, just STFU. I’ve read your comments on Photo Rumors and now I’m reading them here. As far as I can tell you are pretty clueless when it comes to topics of professional photography. You need to calm yourself down and stop belittling those who know what they are talking about.

              I shoot for a living. Most of my friends and acquaintances shoot for a living as well. So here’s something straight from the horse’s mouth.

              What you think you know about professional photography is nothing what it’s like in real life. First of all it’s just a job, so stop romanticizing about it. Your comparison of a chauffeur and a race car driver is stupid because you have it backwards. Being a pro is actually more like being a bus driver about 99% of the time. A servant is too strong of a word but we are in services industry and the wishes of our clients come first. After that it’s all about pacing yourself and being consistent and not breaking your back (includes not getting burned out), because you don’t get paid anything extra for breaking your back and actually you don’t get paid at all if you can’t finish the job, so unlike the race car driver who is allowed to crash out of the race from time to time you must have the consistency and the perfect track record of a bus driver because nobody will hire you otherwise.

              So to sum it all up, if the equipment that I’m using is affecting my consistent performance by making my hands hurt or by drastically slowing down my workflow or by making me unhappy on the job in any other way, by God I’m not touching it with a six-foot poll and it’s getting sold to some random measurebator/sucker like yourself geno, who will gladly convince himself that there is no gain without the pain as he hauls 15 kg of equipment up the mountain because that’s what the “real photographers” supposedly do.

            • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

              LOL In your entire reply all you did was call me names and cry “no no no” out loud to my comment on guys like you being “paid servants”. So, judging by the poorly formed response, I totally believe that you’re a pro photographer.

            • jake

              Nikon Shooter has got the point though…

            • Aldo

              …. I say some of these “photographers” never held a hasselblad with a flash bracket plus other accessories and a vest full of magazines …

            • neversink

              When I photographed riots and other events, I used to use a 4-5fps Motor drive attached to my Nikon F2 & F3 cameras . Even that was too fast for me. I’d rather compose and wait for the right moment. Particularly in the days of film when one had to reload. That was not easy work…. Carrying three or four bodies and lugging all that gear in all sorts of conditions. Who cares about fps anyway. it’s fun. but it is just a machine gun and a tool that is overused. I use H speed on occasion, but only the composition, and the subject and the light matter. I usually shoot in manual mode anyway.

            • WaltMaken

              To gain a better appreciation for why faster FPS would be needed, take a look at the sequential composite photos at http://www.facebook.com/hookgripdotcom?fref=ts . Click on one of the thumbnails to see a fuller image. I understand that photographer shoots at about 8 fps. Would be interesting to see similar sequential composites of tennis, golf, bowling, baseball batter, etc.

            • St.
            • neversink

              genotypewriter…. One of the best posts ever on Nikon rumors. Love all the pics….

            • jake

              you made my day , thanks.

            • Jorge

              You rude dumbass.
              I shot a destination wedding and over two days shot over 19 hours with both the D700, and D800. So yes, the D800 left blisters due to the lack of grip compared to my D700.
              If you ever worked as a photographer for a living, and made real good bucks you’d know these kind of things does make a difference. The ergonomics of the D700 are better. And nice of you to hide behind the internet. If you said that to my face I’d shove my camera up your big ass you freak.

            • neversink

              I’ve worked full time as a pro for 25 years. Never got blisters from any of my assignments.

              Worked in photo-journalism, corporate, annual reports, location photography. Never did weddings for a living, but shot them for friends and never once got a blister. I have been all over the world, from the Arctic in freeing cold to the equator in rain and dust with all sorts of different gear (Nikons, Hassys, Mamiya, Leica, View cameras) and never cared about the ergonomics one bit. Only about getting the shot for my client — and making sure it was an outstanding shot.

              I did get backaches from carrying a lot of gear when I couldn’t afford an assistant. Yes, and I was hit by a rock when I covered a riot. And was pushed by a drunk and druggie when covering a parade, and hurt my knee. So stop whining about the ergonomics or blisters on your fingers. Those are the most ridiculous and pretentious reasons for not buying a camera I have ever heard.

              Good day, and if your feelings get so hurt on an internet thread, and you take my post as an insult rather than humor, you need to seek therapy. Poor baby.

              As the song lyrics go:”Hey Leroy! Your Mama!!! She be calling you man. (Laughter) Go to your mama, Go to your mama, Go to your mama, Go to your mama…..”

            • Jorge

              again, dumbass. I own the D700 AND the D800

            • neversink

              Jorge — Conversation over…. Please do not address me again…

            • neversink

              It’s so funny that the one who is calling everyone rude threatens one of us with violence (If you said that to my face I’d shove my camera up your big ass you freak.), refers to others as a “dumbass” and an “imbecile.”

              Come on Jorge, throw some more niceties our way….

            • jake

              well, I had a lot of issues with the D700 grip and ergonomics design but the D800E is just perfect fitting into my right hand.
              so, it is just a matter of personal taste.

            • Aldo

              have you tried a battery grip on the d800?… if not.. do it you will thank me later.

            • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

              If you’re not buying the camera you want because of the sort of some ergonomics differences between a D700 and a D800 or between a Canon or a Nikon you’re not a photographer.

              There are more types of cameras than just DSLRs out there. And here you’re splitting hairs about some ergonomics differences between two DSLRs. Just learn/get used to something different FFS… that’s what humans do.


            • tony5787

              Did you not read my comment entirely? I listed like three other reasons why I don’t like the D800 as much as the D700.

            • jake

              use it before judge it , I have D800E and D700 , I also have the Mk3 and some Sony NEX cameras and I have to say the D800E and 5D3 are completely different kind of cameras and I love them both equally , they both have their unique qualities..
              but these days ,I use my NEX and Om-D for most of my PERSONAL shootings. so I kind of understand why you dislike the D800E but for serious landscape or detail work , there is nothing really better than that camera in 135mm camera class and so try it before hate it, you may love it , who knows?
              btw, imo though, the D800E is a bit better built than the D700 was, I personally hated the D700 grip (I love the D800 grip).

            • tony5787

              It’s not necessarily that I dislike the D800 or the D800E it’s just that they aren’t the camera I’m looking for at the moment. I shoot events, sports and concerts and I’m looking for something that has a little less resolution and a little bit more speed (hence why I mentioned the Mark III). If I could afford it I would buy a D800 to have as a second body for my landscape work but I simply can’t spend that much now since I’m still in college. Maybe when I graduate in the spring if I get a good job I’ll pick up a used one. As far as the grip goes it’s all just personal preference and how large or small your hands are I guess.

            • Aldo

              wow jake you sound rich … tell me where you throw your trash lol

            • Aldo

              nuff said… keep rocking your 12mp and don’t complain about gear you don’t have

            • jake

              exactly, well said.

            • Micah Goldstein

              This may be the dumbest comment I’ve read all day. But hey, I didn’t read any news sites today, so…meh.

              There are real ergonomic differences that make a difference in the real world between the D700 and D800. If you can’t see them, it’s either because of features you don’t use or features you don’t know how to use.

            • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

              Glad you read that part where I said the D700 and D800 are identical. I’d recommend something for you but there’s no cure for what you have.

            • Aldo

              nobody is telling you to sell your D700… his point is valid…. a good photographer always has means to adapt to new gear…. ergonomics should be at the bottom of the list… especially if the end result is better quality work… and better images all around. Once again you DONT own a D800… if you did, you would know that putting a battery grip gets rid of your ergonomics issues (even for horizontal shooting).

            • Micah Goldstein

              I have the MB-D10 for both my bodies, and I had the MB-D11 for the D7000 when I owned one. That did not cure the D7000 of it’s shitty AF mode selector and that does not add user presets to the mode dial of the D800. Those are ergonomic issues, which are not all just about holding the camera. Ergonomics also covers the use of buttons and knobs and dials. Ergonomics are the prime reason I choose Nikon over Canon. So to those who say ergonomics is a stupid thing to choose a camera over–well I could just as well say resolution is a stupid thing to choose a camera over. Or a long list of other things that aren’t as important to me. But the real issue is that we all have different needs for a camera, determined by our application. Some things need a higher frame rate and fast access to controls in quickly changing situations. Some need resolution at the cost of speed in every way.

              And right now, Nikon is making the latter, with no current production of the former, which is quite odd. The D4 is 10fps, but the controls are a bit janky. Not unusable and if I need the frame rate, I’ll certainly rent one. But I’m not making a purchase until they make something better or my D700 breaks. In which case I’ll try to find a new D3s. Actually, I may get one anyway, just to have a backup option.

              And your qualifier for what makes a good photographer–the ability to adapt any gear to any situation? Is that where you’re really going with this–is awfully silly. I can shoot action with a Deardorff. Hell I could shoot it with glass plates. But that isn’t the most efficient way to make money at it.

            • Aldo

              absent U1 U2 is an ergonomic issue? You have me lost now. I thought this was more of a feature than a must in cameras. If you compare the d700 with the d800 the button placement is quite similar. They did add a record button and change the focusing mode button. And when you talk about canon… I owned a eos 1ds mark 2 and the ergonomics were phenomenal… so again I can’t relate. I can’t speak for the D4 since I don’t have one but at 6k it’s easy to find excuses why not like it. Some people have buyer’s remorse… I think you have a little bit of the opposite . If you are happy with your d700 stick with it… Its a fantastic camera but it has its limitations as well. I started taking pictures with the big hasselblad bodies and the smaller 35mm nikon F bodies. Some of the older set ups I had to work with were simply nuts, cameras were designed to give max durability and mechanical performance not to mention reliability, nobody was talking where the buttons were placed until now….. getting the right shot was always the goal and still is… but now with so many cameras out there some “photographers” don’t even know what they want or need … some don’t even know what their camera can do.

            • Micah Goldstein

              No, you’re right. I’m made more happy about what I have by what Nikon has brought out. But that also means I’m disappointed by the D800.

              I consider the way in which you access major settings an issue of ergonomics. The most important, which I keep repeating, is the AF mode selector. On the D700/300/3 it’s a switch by your right thumb. I can switch it quickly without looking. It has three positions with very positive clicks. Two of the positions can be hit by just shoving it one way or the other as far as it will go.

              On the D800/D4/D7000/D600 you get a button and a dial. This (by default) takes two hands and since there are 5 possible settings, you need to learn the obscure viewfinder symbols in order to know what you’ve set. And it is an endless roulette style thing to set–if you roll the dial as far as it goes, it goes and goes and where it stops, nobody knows.

              But wait, there’s another dial and setting for this same button! Again, this was formerly chosen by a switch with three positions. I know they added a mode, but it’s not one I ever use, unless I’ve handed the camera to someone who may not know how to press even the shutter button.

              I’ve also owned and shot with medium and large format gear. They all had their subtleties and quirks, and yes people did talk about them too. But since product cycles were far slower, there was no expectation that there might be a new version out with the layout you prefer.

              But I certainly do remember people discussing the ergonomic differences between the big dial on the Canon’s vs the two high up dials on the Nikon. And heaven forbid you get an older Nikon film shooter into a discussion of the lens aperture ring vs. controlling aperture on the body! (actually, prefer the aperture ring too, but I have few lenses left with them, since I also prefer to have a weather sealed gasket).

              Yes things are different today. But it was only about 13 years ago I settled into the Nikon system, and it was down to “how fast can I access and twiddle the settings?” when I chose between Canon and Nikon. Both have been pretty good about staying consistent up til now, with both generally improving (Canon’s changes have all been for the better in my opinion).

              It’s sorta like new cars with paddle shifters. God I hate that crap. Screw with whatever you want, but I need a clutch peddle. It’s there for a reason–don’t fuck with it!

            • Micah Goldstein

              No, you’re right. I’m made more happy about what I have by what Nikon has brought out. But that also means I’m disappointed by the D800.

              I consider the way in which you access major settings an issue of ergonomics. The most important, which I keep repeating, is the AF mode selector. On the D700/300/3 it’s a switch by your right thumb. I can switch it quickly without looking. It has three positions with very positive clicks. Two of the positions can be hit by just shoving it one way or the other as far as it will go.

              On the D800/D4/D7000/D600 you get a button and a dial. This (by default) takes two hands and since there are 5 possible settings, you need to learn the obscure viewfinder symbols in order to know what you’ve set. And it is an endless roulette style thing to set–if you roll the dial as far as it goes, it goes and goes and where it stops, nobody knows.

              But wait, there’s another dial and setting for this same button! Again, this was formerly chosen by a switch with three positions. I know they added a mode, but it’s not one I ever use, unless I’ve handed the camera to someone who may not know how to press even the shutter button.

              I’ve also owned and shot with medium and large format gear. They all had their subtleties and quirks, and yes people did talk about them too. But since product cycles were far slower, there was no expectation that there might be a new version out with the layout you prefer.

              But I certainly do remember people discussing the ergonomic differences between the big dial on the Canon’s vs the two high up dials on the Nikon. And heaven forbid you get an older Nikon film shooter into a discussion of the lens aperture ring vs. controlling aperture on the body! (actually, prefer the aperture ring too, but I have few lenses left with them, since I also prefer to have a weather sealed gasket).

              Yes things are different today. But it was only about 13 years ago I settled into the Nikon system, and it was down to “how fast can I access and twiddle the settings?” when I chose between Canon and Nikon. Both have been pretty good about staying consistent up til now, with both generally improving (Canon’s changes have all been for the better in my opinion).

              It’s sorta like new cars with paddle shifters. God I hate that crap. Screw with whatever you want, but I need a clutch peddle. It’s there for a reason–don’t fuck with it!

            • MyrddinWilt

              I don’t see the point of putting the D4 sensor in the D800 type body.

              It isn’t just the sensor that is different, it is the fast DSP that makes the high frame rate possible.

          • Micah Goldstein

            The AF area mode switch. Using both the D700 and D7000, I have to say I hated the D7000 AF selection. It’s a slow kludge. In fact, it’s part of why I’m unlikely to ever want a D4. That alone is an ergonomic world of difference.

            At events, time is everything. Time wasted is shots wasted.

            Ok, I’ll see your DX0 mark and raise you an imaging-resource.com:




            Observe the red on red fabric. In general, the 12mp sensors hold their own at 6400, and take the lead after that. And the D3s is just pure magic, even compared to the D4.

            I often have to shoot at 6400 on up to freeze performers in motion. The D800 can’t hang with that because of frame rate, ISO performance, and twiddly AF selection.

            For portraits, products, landscapes…heck, pretty much everything that isn’t what I described above, I certainly recognized the brilliance that is the D800. But as a tool, it doesn’t do everything I need, and so, is not really a replacement for the tools I have. (and need!)

            • neversink

              Nonsense…. total nonsense

        • neversink

          I use both — D4 and D800 — for my work and you don’t know what you are missing. One D700 become a backup, the other D700 and D3s sold…. Probably will get rid of the last D700 also. Haven’t really touched it since the others arrived earlier in the year. You don’t know what you are missing. The D800 is incredible and I use if for everything. It’s a big myth that is is only for landscape and studio. I have shot wildlife, sports and other action shots with it and the results are sensational.

          • St.

            I agree with you. I have the same thoughts. That’s why I have my questions below for tony5787.
            I don’t see any advantage of D700 vs D800 (besides the filesize) and would argue about advantages of 5DMIII, but let say there are few, which I wouldn’t trade for the advantages of D800 (but everyone knows himself).

            • neversink

              You can always change the file size on the D800. You can shoot compressed 12 bit rather than compressed 14 bit in RAW, but why would you (and you don’t save that much.) if you shoot jpg, you can shoot small or medium instead of large… but why would you…. but you do save a lot more space that way….
              But if you want a smaller image and one with less dynamic range, then just shoot with the D700, but don’t think it is a better camera than the D800 – because it ain’t!!!!

            • Micah Goldstein

              That’s a silly comment. The D700 puts out 10-18mb compressed, 12-bit raw files. The D800 has triple the pixels, and so will always put out triple the file size for the same scene. Simple math. And one doesn’t just give up raw files and start shooting jpeg like that.

              Both cameras have their uses. For events and action, the D800 is just the plain wrong tool if you have a choice of it or a D700/D3/D3s. Double the frame rate has it’s uses, even if you don’t know how or why.

            • Aldo

              so…. you yet don’t have a D800…

            • neversink

              Hmm. I never said any of that in my comment. I know people who shoot only jpeg for all their pro work. I’m not one of them. I was just giving examples of how you could downsize your D800 file size if you wish. Please read the first paragraph clearly. Note that I said “if you shoot jpg…”

              You obviously haven’t used the D800 for action. I use it quite a bit, along with my D4, which I love. With the D800 I have taken photos of tennis, field hockey, gymnastics, volley ball, basketball, water sports and wildlife. They come out incredibly sharp. So I only get 4fps instead of the 10.x fps with the D4. D700 is a great camera, and maybe the best deal Nikon ever put out on a pro body, but it does not compare IQ wise with the D800. The dynamic range of the D800 is one of the reasons the D700 was discontinued. Even the dynamic range of the D4 is so much better the D700 or D3s.

              One of the great reasons for using the D800 for action is the crop factor. If you need it, you can crop out 2/3 of the photo and have a file size equivalent to the D700 but with much better dynamic range. That makes the D800 quite a versatile camera over the D700 and gives it some advantages over the incredible D4.

            • Micah Goldstein

              I used to shoot a Pentax A3000 back in the day. That was around 2fps. Damn right I got sharp shots and the decisive moment. However, a higher frame rate has it’s uses, especially in a professional setting where you may not get a second chance and you’re required to get the shot no matter what.

              I also used to shoot a D2x, which rattled along at 5 fps full frame (really a mite slower when tracking AF continuously). (and yes, I realize that it’s full frame is not “full frame”) However, it had a crop mode that would run at 8fps. This is the first camera I had that would go that fast, and it was an eye opener. Did I always use the 8fps mode? No. But it has it’s uses. Then on to the D300 and then D700. I don’t always use it, but for events and action, there are times when 4 fps just won’t cut it. And 6 is still only 75% the speed of 8.

              I shoot people professionally. People are dynamic bouncy wiggly flesh on sticks. You should really go see some outtakes or slo-mo from the last Olympics to understand. The saleable image is usually the most flattering one (unless you’re a papparazzo and make a living being hated). Whether it’s a singer on stage or a runner on a track, You can take eight frames in a single second and still get eight tosses because of blinks or unflattering mouth position or a moment when light happens to highlight your subject’s imperfections or just generally isn’t representative of their appearance.

              Editing photos means several things. One of them is mining your images for the highest quality ones. I hear many people say pithy things about “spray and pray” but many of them are just people that don’t own fast cameras.

              Currently there is no replacement for the D700. I guess that’s not such a horrible thing. But it is surprising that other than resolution and maybe a little card write speed, there has been no technological advance from Nikon on a similar model since 2007. And the ergonomics ARE a step backwards. The presets on the D7000 WERE really useful for bouncing between video and stills, and the D800 is kludgy without them. Same with the AF. I switch back and forth between full auto and single with tracking quite a bit. I found that doing this on the D7000, which has the same controls, was a gambling endeavor. A mechanical switch serves much better.

              In fact, so little progress has been made that for wide event stuff, I just sold the D7000 and bought a D300s, since the AF points cover more of the frame. (Also the AF is as good as Nikon makes right now, unlike the horrendous CAM4800).

              Anyway, if the D800 works for you, great. I’m sure it is possible to take a “sharp” shot with it. But for the things I shoot, it is completely the wrong tool. And even the D4 hasn’t impressed me that it’s a step up in anything but resolution. And at higher ISOs its at best on par with my camera. The D3s, again and older model, is actually the only useful upgrade for me. And that is very odd from where I sit. I have to wonder where the innovation and progress is at Nikon. Because there is not the type that most of us need or expect reflected in these current products.

            • MyrddinWilt

              “The D800 has triple the pixels, and so will always put out triple the file size for the same scene. Simple math. And one doesn’t just give up raw files and start shooting jpeg like that.”

              36MP in JPEG has far more information than 12MP in RAW. If you care about the file size then shoot in JPEG but the extra data really isn’t a problem if you have a half decent machine.

              I shoot video, my files are almost all 4GB. It really isn’t a problem. 3TB drives are a couple of hundred bucks, I run them in RAID with regular off site backups.

            • Micah Goldstein

              If you care about file size AND quality, like I do. you stick with what you got right now. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not finding a legitimate compelling reason to upgrade.

              I would love to test that silly and unqualified statement about raw vs jpeg, if only just to have a clear visual to prove that it’s just not true. If you do no manipulation at all, or just love blown highlights/permanently crushed shadows, then sure, jpeg is fine. When I get around to picking up a D800 (damn the prices are low, may be sooner than I thought!) then I’ll absolutely do such a test. But I already know what the results will be. I consistently get better detail and dynamic range from raw files.

              And the lecture on workflow and storage managment is unnecessary. Just think about it like this: if there was a new 8k camera out tomorrow for next to nothing, that performed exactly the same as your current rig, except it’s native output was only 8k (read 3x your current file sizes) would you use it? Would you use it if it tripled your storage demands post processing time, but the final product was indistinguishable to your clients?

              Mainly, I’ll be getting one to say that I’m keeping up with the Jones’s, but I’ll continue to use the D700 for the bulk of what I do, because it’s just works. There are too many advantages to continuing with it right now. I wouldn’t mind something better for a daily driver, but the D800 isn’t it.

            • Micah Goldstein

              You obviously don’t need the frame rate. Some of us do. And don’t need the file size. Of course I’m getting a D800, but I don’t see myself ever selling the D700.

        • A Nonny Moose

          So, there, St.! Silly boy.

      • Robert

        not the same body, it would be stupid.
        each series 700, 800, 600 … must have its own body

        a new camera sensor with D4 would complete range of Nikon fx to meet the various tastes of photographers. Only these 3 cameras fx leave a huge gap for 5dIII.

  • metsatsu

    If this 16mp D800 does materialize, I guess D4s will be around soon after that

    • MyrddinWilt

      That is one way of looking at it.

      Another is that IF nikon has a D4s in the works, they might launch the D4 sensor in the D800 body. But I really can’t see why they would. They already have a D600, D800, D800E and D4 FX body. That is 4 FX bodies which is more bodies than the whole Nikon line used to have back in the day.

      A much higher priority for Nikon would be to put a CX pitch sensor in the D4 body for a 50-60 MP sensor to make a D4X. The result would be the definitive studio camera with the resolution of the medium frame cameras but better low light performance, better handling, better on every front other than fast flash sync (unless they carry over the electronic shutter).

      That camera would easily sell for $8K-$10K and you can be sure that Nikon and Canon are both out to be first to market with one.

      The demand for the D4 sensor in a D800 body seems to be more than adequately met by the D600. What people are really asking for is a Mercedes for the price of a Chevy. It does not work that way.

      What makes more sense for Nikon would be a D400 DX body with a 24MP or 36MP sensor and a D4X. Everything else in the range has just had a complete refresh.

      The CX line lacks a dedicated video body which is a shame when the V1 is actually the best video camera on the market right now. A DSLR is OK but the lenses are not really designed for zooming and the weight of the rig is a pain. If Nikon brought out a dedicated video body with XLR mic inputs and a plug in that a focus puller could use, they could clean up.

  • denz

    Yes to the real D700 replacement!

    • neversink

      Some people never stop fantasizing…
      Admin has already addressed this…
      Shoot the D800 for a day. You will never want to touch the D700 again.

      • Jorge

        Not true. I use both and quite honestly I “prefer” my D700 for many of my images and shoots. The D800 is amazing, but I feel the D700 still has the best high ISO noise.

        • http://genotypewritings.blogspot.com/ genotypewriter

          D700 high ISO images have less than 12MP resolution. Have you tried down-ressing the D800 images to around 10MP and comparing against D700 images? Yes… that’s how you should compare.

          • constantin

            What do you care what people like? I find the AF better on D700 than D800. You have a problem with that?

            • neversink

              I don’t have a problem with that, or with whatever nonsense anyone says. You must have a lemon D800 then, as the focusing is extremely fast on the D800. Or else you have a bad case of time warp.

            • Pablo Picasso-Ricasso

              He’s always been like that…just ignore him…

          • Žele

            Yes, bad old Nikon have a hardware NR, they are smooth files. C’mon Canon fanboy, go out of Nikon Rumors.

        • Ante M.

          “…D700 still has the best high ISO noise.”
          Say what?!
          Dude, pick a camera and go out shooting some photos. Youre posts are nauseatingly stupid.

  • Neutronman

    I would rather see the D800 sensor in a D4 body : )

    • http://photokaz.com/ Mike

      And how much would that cost? Market for that type of camera is tiny I think.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanBMcBride Ryan McBride

    How about Nikon comes out with a couple of lenses… they are severely lacking in their Prime department.

    • Slow Gin

      First of all — 35 mm f/1.8 or f/2 in FX format. D version is good, but it is truly outdated.

    • tony5787

      Yes we really need an update to the 135mm f2. It’s the oldest still in production autofocus lens Nikon makes. All they need to do is add AF-S and maybe Nano Crystal Coat. I don’t care about VR but if they add it that’s a welcomed addition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/1984studios Mat Miller

    I would say they wouldn’t do that to the D4, But I would totally sell my D800 for that.

    • Pablo Picasso-Ricasso

      What aren’t you doing right with your D800, then?
      No one is taking my D800 off my hands, and this is from the guy that has been shooting with a D700 for close to 4 years now…

  • Chevypower

    I can’t imagine it, but I can imagine a D400 or D500, FX version of the D5XXX series with the 16mp sensor and 4fps.

  • MrNiceGuy

    $1300 D400 or D500 with 16mp, based on the D5100, 4fps. It would be a winner.

  • kobajaszi

    D800 isn’t progres in high iso (compared to D700), isnt progress in FPS, files are too big (lack of “small raw format”) = it needs more costs (flash memory, hard drive, computerpower) for wedding journalists. most of people does not use higher prints than A4 (20×30) so D800 isnt progress for them! D4 is brilliant but.. too expensive.. so they are waiting for succesor of D700! (which is still one of the best camera on planet :-) ps. ergonomics isnt so important 😛

    • delayedflight

      You don’t need a super computer to support a D800 and hard drives are cheap anyway. If you can afford a D800 you can afford to get a few hard drives.
      A decked out current gen Macbook Air doesn’t have any issues processing D800 RAWs.
      In terms of practical low light performance the D700 bands a heap at 6400 ISO while the D800 can still keep it clean and be pushed even further and still be printable.

      • kobajaszi

        i prefer higher iso than usles pixel count..
        iam using LR to process raw format.. and belive me..corecting 2000 raw pictures a day from D700 or D4 takes a lot less time than from camera with 3 times pixels more.. (iam using two ssd -1th for LR catalog, second for files) (my D700 made over 320k photos since feb’2009)

        except advertising photos, 12mpix is perfect. the only progress i want is higher iso (6400 is to noisy for me 3200 is max and offen used by me :-). and 4 now eos 5d III is camer that nikon dont have..simply..its succesor for mark II

  • DT

    If its anything like the Nikon D4 forget it worse camera they have come out with , it compares to the MKIII canon shit.

    • http://twitter.com/antodechav Anto de Chav

      Can you explain why you think this??

  • Lumenatic

    D800-style body with a D4 sensor ? That would be the perfect camera for me. But sounds more like wishful thinking than an upcoming product. But if Nikon really decides to go for such a product – I would buy it !

  • EnticingHavoc

    2012 was the year of FX and maybe Nikons worst in terms of how to (not) treat the customers. D800 AF issues and D600 sensors spots. And Nikon kept silence for a very long time.


    that’s what I’m waiting for, and why I’m still using my D700’s

    (D800 files too heavy for my “Pro” work

    Richard from http://www.reportage-photo.com/

    • Pablo Picasso-Ricasso

      For that kind of reportage (not that is anything wrong with it) you definitelly don’t need the features and advancements D800 can bring to the table.
      Stick with your D700…

  • achmel

    you´ve got MY VOTE – if (& it is a BIG IF) this happens, I (simply) WILL BUY THIS ONE, actually this is what I´ve been waiting for as d700 success(or) … (even the d3s sensor would do for me btw :-)) ) / so as above said many times: NIKON, JUST DO IT!

    • Slow Gin

      “Just do it” is not Nikon.

      • achmel

        really??? just why some1 has a need to teach some1 else when he – himself – can´t ´read between the lines´ & understand what was meant / quite a POOR post this one, better look elsewhere next time.

        Finally – you are probably still unaware that I DO KNOW it is NOT NIKON, so expressis verbis: I KNOW IT IS NOT NIKON … (as if it was any important!)

      • Pablo Neruda

        Too much gin, Gin?
        Go back toy your ‘can-do’ Canon…

        • Ivica H.

          Hahaha…good one!


  • Pawulon

    A think that the new 16Mpix FF camera is very possible. Sooner or later there must be another camera with the same sensor. All sensors used by Nikon where used in 2-3 cameras.

  • SomeGuy

    I would be happy with a 24 mpix version of the D800, leave all other specs the same and let the buffer run up a few extra frames with a slightly higher fps speed.

  • RamesesThe2nd

    I have early 2011 MacBook Pro 13″ and it handles my D800 files without any issue. Other than FPS why would anyone want to go from a 36MP camera with great ISO to a 16MP camera with similar ISO? I am not selling my D800 for this new mini D4, unless it has something really great to offer in addition to just less MP.

  • Kenny Flopwell

    Huh? Why regress with 16mp when the entry levels are 24mp…Makes no sense to normal people. My Predictions…D4X will be announced..it is being tested right now…IT has 54.1 mp!!! D4s a mild upgrade…drops the goofy ass sony made Xmode junk…two CF slots this time. and up’s the MP to 18-24MP Finally a DX..for those babies out there who cannot shoot with FX..D400…24mp. 8fps…and few rehashed lenses will be announced.

  • Richard

    NO WAY….then who is gonna get D4 for $6000….and soccer moms and dads will be shooting at 10 fps…Ok unless this D4 Mini is $4500 then it would be a tough choice pple would rather spend a few hundreds more to get the real D4. But if this is priced at anything less than $3500 it’s gonna kill the D4 sales

  • MC

    Couple of weeks ago I’ve read here: http://www.nikonplanet.com/nikon-cameras/dslr/predictions-nikon-dslr-cameras-2013/ their own prediction: an FX body for wildlife and wedding photographers. D800 kind of body, 24MP sensor and faster frame rate than D800. This seems more realistic than Impress Magazine’s own prediction. I doubt that Nikon will give to masses the incredible high ISO warrior and most people are happy enough with ISO and DR behavior of D600 and D800 but unhappy with the low frame rate.

  • Rob Bannister

    I get my D800 tomorrow. I sold the D4 so I could get a D800 and a Black Magic Cinema camera. The D4 was AMAZING but cost too much for my use. I always had it on CL mode so never used the speed until some boxing muay thai sessions. I would buy the smaller body to compliment the D800 but im sure its enough. I tested out the D800 and D600 recently and fell in love with the images from the D800 although I found it made me slow down while shooting to get the most out of the camera..not a bad thing at all.

    Not many here are into video but I tried everything on the D4, I even bought the black magic hyperdeck shuttle 2 for uncompressed recording…I got some great looking stuff but the lack of detail and quality really show the more you push it. Thats the reason for getting the black magic and D800 I think its the better option till they start making the video better. Try Keying a green screen shot with the D4 uncompressed….not going to get a hair key at all really.

    I know I know…but it is nice to have a camera I can take on set and shoot stills, elements and plates all in one for us in post production. A great TOOL not just a still camera anymore.

    A sample shot in Tofino,

    Im cutting together some anamorphic stuff too but just haven’t had time.


    • stormwatch

      Welcome to the wonderful wold of Black Magic Cinema camera, when you start shooting videos with it, you gonna forget DSLR toys in a matter of nano seconds.

      • Rob Bannister

        I can’t wait, I was convinced on the Nikon-ef version but I want to use slrmagic glass so I’m waiting for the mft

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560714012 Matthew Saville Baldon

    This is inevitable. The D800, without any form of mRAW or sRAW mode, is a completely different beast and is not suitable for many things that the D700 still excels at.

    People have been saying that semi-flagship sales will cannibalize flagship sales for generations now. It just doesn’t work that way. Sales are sales, and volume is king. That is why in 2007-2008, even with such an incredible pent-up demand for full-frame cameras, Nikon quickly released the D700 hot on the heels of the D3. They wanted to corner both markets, the $5K market and the $3K market, for low-light action / sports shooters. There is room in both markets for plenty of sales, and I guarantee you that the $3K market is much more lucrative overall because of volume.

    A D800 with a D4 sensor (and the 8 FPS due to smaller file size) is inevitable.

    The only problem I see is, the D600 and the D800 have the market slightly cornered as far as price goes. I’m afraid that Nikon will “chase” the 5D mk3, and go for $3500. I don’t think that is likely, though, Nikon would get blasted for charging MORE for a camera with FEWER megapixels. But then again, Nikon has always let their image quality speak for itself, and such an improvement on the D4 sensor (like the D700 was on the D3 sensor) …could push a camera to the top of the DXO charts. Not hat that matters, but you know what I mean…


    • http://photokaz.com/ Mike

      The camera would almost certainly need to cost less than a D800. How can they justify charging more? So then you bump up against the D600, a capable 24mp cam. There really isn’t much space for a 16mp semi-pro at this point.

      • Mary Stewart

        Agree, we’re more likely to see the latest 24MP sensor in the new “D800″ lookalike, like the one that comes in D600.

        I don’t see Nikon going ‘back’ to 16MP sensor (as great as it is in the current D4). As for the model naming my bet is D700S 😉

        However, if this comes out to be a D300 replacement (DX camera) rather than D700 replacement (FX camera) than 16MP sensor would be warranted move IMO.

  • http://photokaz.com/ Mike

    I just don’t see it, the low end FX is already covered with the D600, high MP with the D800, and high speed pro with the D4. Where does the baby D4 fit in? How much would it sell for? It would have to sell for less than a D800, but more than a D600? Not much room in the market for the camera, not one that I can see anyway.

    • babola

      Oh yes there is…as an upgrade to pro-level bodies like D700 (FX) and/or D300 (DX).

      D800 isn’t D700 upgrade, nor is D600. They stand on their own in new product lines Nikon never had before. These two new models provide a good fit for some, but not the majority of Nikon shooters out there, myself included.

      • http://photokaz.com/ Mike

        Like I said, the market is very small for that type of body. How much would a baby D4 cost? Has to be less than a D800, also less than a D600?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.panick Bob Panick

    On the thought that Nikon may not want to canibalize the D4 sales. To that I respond, as much as I would like a D4, I can’t possibly justify it. Those that can justify it will do so for what it does. The D600 and D800 really don’t replace the D700, granted they have better sensors. But the D600 lacks pro features, and the D800 lacks higher FPS and it would be nice to have an extra stop or two of low light above the D800. A D7xx with a D4 chip and say 8 FPS would be an attractive camera to many and fill a segment that Nikon can’t address currently.
    The bigger question is can Nikon make the argument financially to have another body out there. The D600 will canibalize a D7xx body far more than the D7xx will canibalize the D4. The D800 really is a different type of camera and really doesn’t fit between the D600 and D4 anyway. My thought is it serves a particular niche in photography for landscape, people who need the detail and large print sizes.
    I currently have a D7000 and my plan is to eventually move to the D700 replacement. The D600 is nice but isn’t really all that much of a step up for me. The D800 has the features I want but I have no practical use for 36 MP and 4 FPS is slower than what I have now. So I’ll continue to wait on the D700 replacement.

  • Zombie 857

    “Nikon is afraid of cannibalizing their D4 sales with such camera”
    What is there to cannibalize? At those prices, D4 will be sold to VERY few people on this planet. Nikon will make a greater profit from the cheaper bodies like D600 anyway.

  • stormwatch

    So far I have read so many stupid posts in here….I don’t know if you people are so spoiled crying pussies with the “look me mommy I have blisters from using a camera” attitude, or you just have never had a decent job and spending life in front of the computer while you get all of your money from the parents. I mean, even a D50 is a superb machine IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT. It’s ridiculous that you find yourself puzzled with D600, D800 or D4. That means only one thing, all of you complainers are nothing but fake wannabe PRO’s, nothing more than average P&S user with enough money to buy something they cannot properly turn ON and not to speak about actually using it. Get real and switch to the Coolpix/Poweshot while you didn’t loose the serious money.

  • Chris Sims

    16 mp D800? Yes please or 24 mp for that matter, a proper successor to the D700. Oh and don’t bother with video. Won’t use it so don’t want it. How about a D300s replacement while you’re at it!! I’ve got money burning a hole!

  • pragarama

    The key for me between D800 and D700 ergonomics are. From looking at the side of the grip its the small belly curve that D700 has. Its more comfortable to use. The main part whre u aply force holding it comes to stronger fingers than in D800. Thats just it, and thats why i really canot hold D800 for very long without starting to feel unconfortable.

  • dgd

    I shoot with a D800 with battery base, and love that I can quickly switch crop modes because with primes it give me three fast frame sizes and any of the file sizes are fine. While the D800 was getting the 10-pin connector fixed (these things happen) I used a loaner D4. Wish I had one! Incredible camera. I also still use a D700 with battery base, and a D300 which I still like. Tough bodies, and all great files.

    Yes I would LOVE the D4 chip in a D800 body. It’s a whole different chip, the pixels are huge and the quality is outstanding. In retrospect I should have bought the D4, much more suited to the high-volume action shooting that I do (1200 shots is a slow day for me) and I love the way the drive rips along, like my D2X on steroids. But if they don’t come out with that, well, there’s always the D4…… “highly recommended”.

  • oqh

    After going through a fiasco trying to buy a D800 (3 bodies in a row broken) last September, my SO spoke to the shop again in February. She was told to wait until May 2013 or abouts, because there supposedly is information about Nikon releasing a D800 replacement model by then. No specs given.

    Thought you’d like to know.

  • ja

    i agree with what you are saying tony it would be awesome if nikon were to do the right thing i have a D3 & D800 & i love both cameras but a D800H with the internal tech would be a market leading move and would a great for those of us who can’t afford the D4 in this current market but have invested big over the years in the nikon system, i also agree massivly with neversink that the D800 is an awesome camera & i really am loving the video function side of it its a new level.

  • tedtedsen

    if you have older lenses the d800 needs better lenses, you dont put on it 24-120 f4vr or sigma 24-70 if you have the ferarie why put an old diesel engine in it go for pro lenses the sensor is screeming for top glas

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