ioShutter now available for Nikon cameras

Enlight Photo released ioShutter for Nikon cameras. ioShutter contains two parts: an iPhone/iPad app and a special cable that connects your iPhone to the camera in order to control the shutter:

A simple-to-use and versatile shutter release appcessory for SLRs, ioShutter connects a photographer’s iPhone, iPod touch or iPad direct to their SLR. The ioShutter app then offers extensive shutter control features.

ioShutter makes pin-sharp long exposures, stunning light trails, timelapse sequences and more easy for amateur and pro photographers alike. ioShutter even includes ShakeToTake movement and ClapToSnap sound triggers to fill your shoots with photos full of laughter, dance and fun.

The ioShutter shutter release cable for Nikon DSLR costs $69.95. ioShutter is compatible with every Nikon DSLR except the D70, D70s and D80.



Two different ioShutter iPhone/iPad apps are available: a free version and a $9.99 paid version that has few extra features.

The full press release is available here. Here is an ioShutter demo video:

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  • Carsten Saager

    $70 for a cable?! Does it include an iPod?

    Sorry, but 90% of the job can be done by a $8 cable release… Cable – if it was at least Bluetooth instead of this audio-jack interface

    • hallam

      $70 for a cable what do they think they are, Nikon?

      I have paid $70 and more for a Nikon flash cable back in the day. This is a perfectly reasonable price for a cable plus software.

    • ChuckBronte

      There’s already a much better solution for a fraction of the price: Triggertrap. It’s less than half the price. I’m using mine on an Olympus camera, but they also support Sony, Nikon, Canon, and lots of others. The app is way better too.

  • Alex Butcher

    Clever, but you can get intervalometer cable releases for about £14 on eBay.

  • Ron Braithwaite

    Just went looking for this on their website and I only see the Canon stuff. I really do want one of these for my D800E.

    • Nikon Rumors

      They just announced the Nikon version.

    • John Havord

      Why not check out triggertrap?

      • jimmydean

        Why not Zoidberg? :)

  • shashinka

    That fits on a Nikon 9 or 18 pin Nikon connector?

  • Dan Wolfgang

    Does this offer any benefits over Triggertrap Mobile?

  • Adam Zdebel

    it would be great for $20, for $70 it’s a ripoff

  • Michael

    I would go for Triggertrap Mobile instead. Its cheaper and offers a ton of different possibilites. Plus its available for iOS and Android.

  • Michael Palumbo

    If it could show a live view I would be trying to order right now.

  • John Chea

    Almost completely useless since there are cheaper alternatives.

    Nikon, why are you heading down the same path as Apple with this proprietary bullshit?

    This is coming from a D800 user who feels that we’ve been completely screwed over by little crap like the battery grip and the wireless units.

    • Micah

      This isn’t a Nikon product.

  • jeremypils

    what a pointless piece of turd

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