Nikon D600 price in Japan: ¥215,000 (around $2,700)

The price of the Nikon D600 in Japan is rumored to be ¥215,000 (around $2,700), the price of a D600 with 24-85mm kit lens: ¥270,000 (around $3,400). The camera is expected to start shipping on September 27, s012. I have received several indications that this time Nikon is ready to start shipping this camera very soon after the announcement.

The price of the Nikon 1 18.5mm f/1.8 mirrorless lens is expected to be around ¥26,000 (around $300) and will be available on November 1st, 2012 in black, white and silver color.

The US prices of Nikon gear are usually lower, but at that point I think we can forget about a sub-$2,000 full frame Nikon camera. The D800 costs around ¥298,000 in Japan and $3000 in the US. With this ratio, I expect the D600 US price to be around $2,100.

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  • bidou

    Finally Sony rx1 isn’t that expensive !

  • GW

    I laugh at all you dbags who say you’re happy it’s more expensive. smh
    What a bunch of tools. LMAO!

  • Kevin Luo

    Looks like $2700 is the kit price.

    D600: $2199.00
    24-85VR: $599.00
    Kit: $2700.00

  • If the price will be really 2.700 USD than, in my opinion, it is way to close to the D800 which sells for 3.000 USD.

    No strong buy for me.

    • Not Surprised

      That price MUST be wrong. Otherwise, Nikon would be wrong to set that price. If the rumors are true — Nikon is cutting way too many corners. They cannot charge that price without Full Framers feeling ripped off:

      $500 grip, probably, if D800 is indication. At least $400 or $350 grip… required for such a tiny cam. Otherwise full grown men’s hands will struggle.

      A poor 1/200 flash sync, needlessly (not good), which is troubling. It should be 1/250 by now, no excuses at all; 1/200 is not even cheaper. This is just punishing the user for no reason.

      1/4000, instead of FX 1/8000; again, needlessly — no cost savings. 1/4000-1/8000 is CRITICAL when you are using FX primes outside. If you use Prime Lenses in daylight and like shallow depth – forget it.

      A cheapo shutter curtain rated lower. Indicating that other critical internal parts will be much lower quality. The LCD and viewfinder being the key points to distract you from this.

      Construction quality will be much lower, less body protection. Probably less water-proofing, if any; who knows. Don’t should in rain or drop this one. Although should be fairly reliable, being a Nikon; I trust that much.

      The focus components will probably be the SAME generation as the D4 and D800 — but with less tight quality quality. So you can probably expect it will not focus correctly on the left side.

      6400 ISO is as good as the D700 and with binning may be better. But still; its unclear why they stopped at 6400. If the D800 can do more with 36MP, and the D4 goes further — it doesn’t make sense to artificially cripple the D600. 12,800 should be the number.

      Who knows what connection ports will be missing for studio work…

      Overall, you can see why this SHOULD be no more than $1500.

      • Agree. At $2000, may as well step up to the D800. Around 1500 was my threshold as a walk around and backup for my D800.

      • Rob

        You are stupid. Read the ENTIRE THREE PARAGRAPHS (I know it’s hard) before you post.

  • passing by

    1800$ or I’ll stay with my D200

    • GC

      Go for used D700 then if you’re concerned about having $1,800 limit. Those are still great cameras which will be far cheaper than $1,800 used once D600 comes out. – unless you’re looking for video.

      • passing by

        D700 is fine camera, but since I don’t care about high ISO, it won’t bring drastic improvement with 12 Mp

        • Steph

          I’ve owned both camera’s….there is a huge difference between D700 and D200.

    • TuPana

      I agree. My D200 is rock solid.

  • JohnJohn

    Duh? Why spend on new Nikon bodies. It’s all a joke now! Switch to Canon. 1dx kicks out D4, 5dm3 stomped on the D800. Even new DX bodies wont win from 650d or 7d. Also L lenses are better and far more superior than NIKKOR glass. Dispose Nikon gear as early as you can and shift to a better future.

    • passing by

      People buying 5D Mark III need psychiatric help. It worth 2000$

      • nope

        Clearly you’ve never used the 5D3 before.

        • Dakota

          Clearly the poster has never used a D4, or a D800…
          And no I have not used a 5DMII, that is why I post on the Nikon Forums.

          • jimmy picture

            I’d jump-ship to Canon in a NY-Second but I can’t afford replacing ALL OF MY GLASS TOO. None of this crap is worth the price of addition but you can’t hammer a nail without a hammer. I tell all grasshoppers I come in contact with to shoot Canon don’t start up with anything NOTKON in mean nikon. They are all pompous manufactures but what little expereance I’ve ever had with Canon reps at things like super-bowls, shuttle launches, world “serious” baseball games, the olympics and any other major evens I’ve covered over the past 38yrs that they are at they “Canon” are soooooo much nicer then the notkon reps. Back in the prehistoric film age notkon was the way to go but “here & now” going into the 21 Century of the digee imaging age Canon is the way to go. Canon has been leaving notkon in the dust since they started with their auto focus systems which are far more advanced then notkons. The wires of and in past threatened notkon to step it up or they were going to switch but neither ever never ever did step up or switch but most of us J-Bird Newsez shoot Canon now so what does that tell you !!!!!!!!! If only I could afford the jump I would …. in a NY-Minuet

            • Dakota

              Seems like you need to up the Zoloft dosage…
              So you are basing your buying decision on nice reps, cool.
              As far as everything else you wrote, it is pure dribble.
              Based on the Olympics (you know the one you claim to have been at) Nikon had a 60/40 split over Canon.
              This has been verified by numerous images of the events.
              As far as Dynamic range, Canon has nothing.
              AF system, Nikon has had the advantage, and only know (1DX) has Canon finally caught up.
              As far as flash system, Canon has nothing that comes close to accuracy or the CLS system (unless you count the new flash, but for that you can buy Pocket Wizards for the Nikon).
              As far as high ISO, Nikon has dominated this area for the past 5 years, and only know does Canon have some equivalency.
              Dont know what you are talking about, but keep up the posting, it’s entertaining while I eat my sandwich 🙂

            • Pablo Ricasso

              I’ve got to admit that was funny.

            • Joe Bear

              Lol, optical triggering sucks in my opinion. It’s cheap to just get third-party wireless triggers for both brands (except the 580exii with its RF interference with PW, but that’s another class of wireless). CLS is a nice bonus though for those of us who don’t shoot outdoor flash or complex/long-distance setups. I just dislike dealing with light fall-off for optical triggering and prefer concentrating on keeping track of light on the subject.

            • Fred

              to Jimmy picture

              Your argument between Canon and Nikon reminds me of the old FORD vs GM discussions…..

            • TIm

              I@M is that you? Way to troll

            • Mike

              Nikon or Canon never had the best IQ in the film days. I don’t recall either of them making any a format larger than 35mm. But of course you couldn’t shoot medium or large format for many things.

        • babola

          And I’m glad I didn’t.

        • Joe Bear

          +1 It may be overpriced a bit, but its autofocus rivals that of the D700 and D3. For Canon, that is a first and they charge a premium, unfortunately. It still is a splendid camera, no matter you much you complain about the price. Every bit of D700 spirit in it except for compatibility with pro batteries like the EN-EL4 (or 1D counterpart). It beats Nikon hands down for wide aperture lenses in my experience comparing to Nikon’s older cameras (D700, D300), but I don’t really use those just yet. Maybe the D4 and D800 are better than those cameras for extreme focus accuracy, as I have not tried those cameras yet. For me and others, the 5d mk iii has incredible focus accuracy for jobs where it counts and a frame rate to megapixel ratio as well as workflow that makes it the all-around photographer’s camera that the D700 was.

          • Dakota

            Cool, glad you like your 5DMIII.
            Still don’t understand what this has to do with the price of tea in China (or the D600 and it’s price point)?
            As far as the 5DMIII is concerned, it does seem to be a well rounded camera, even if there has been no real improvement over it’s predecessor on what matters, the image, because it is using the same recycled sensor.
            As far as wide aperture lenses, all of the new 1.4 lenses smoke, yes smoke Canon’s current lineup.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              As far as I can tell, even the 1.8 lenses do. That said, I’ve been reading that their 24-70 that they finally released is beating their entire lineup too, and almost anything else. I hate Canon, and for good reasons, but unlike their trolls, I’m honest. Of course, I can’t yet vouch for what I just read. If what I read is true, that lens is one major good thing in an otherwise extremely distasteful product line. I still wouldn’t switch.

            • Dakota

              Good and honest post…
              How odd on this forum.
              I dont dislike Canon, they make great stuff.
              However, i don’t understand what compels people to come on the internet and make dumb baseless posts (especially when they don’t own any of the product that this forum is named for).
              I have also heard that the new Canon 24-70 is a fantastic lens. It should be considering that it is a new design, and the price point it is at.
              I hope that Nikon continues to rework some of their older lenses as well.

            • Joe Bear

              I’ve tried the 24mm f1.4g and the 85mm f1.4g at a shoot before. Great lenses, just a little slow to focus, and not completely accurate with the D700 I was using, but I only used them for a short time (did not fine tune AF for them) The Canon 135f2L is hard to beat. I hear the 85mm f1.2L works great too, but yes I’m not a fan of their 24mm and prefer the Nikon’s version. I’ve only tried the 35mm f1.8g and 50 1.8D. These do not, in my opinion, compare well with luxury wide aperture lenses from both brands in any way, but I am picky and often compare such lenses to Zeiss ones. Again, I don’t really shoot ultra wide aperture lenses anymore as they prioritize bokeh over framing and I prefer to get framing right, but that’s a personal preference. The lens to judge all other lenses by is the 135L with its bokeh, sharpness wide open and lightning fast focusing speed. That is the standard and in my opinion only Canon and Nikon supertelephotos seem to match it as well as manual focus Zeiss glass.

            • Joe Bear

              And Dakota, I did not bring up the Canon 5d mk iii, passing by did. I own both the 5d mk iii and D700 and have used them extensively, so a little bit less assuming please. Not everyone has a one-brand-mind, nor should they. It’s best to objectively look at all options out there, regardless of company. I understand this is a Nikon site, but I have faith in people understanding each company has its plusses and minuses, and that their company is not an religion or a McCarthy. As a dual-system user, I am lucky to have the opportunity to compare several different cameras and lenses side by side.

            • Dakota

              Joe Bear, thanks for the comment.
              As I said before in a previous post, I think Canon makes fantastic product with great lenses.
              Thank you for clarifying my assumption with your measured response.

          • Pablo Ricasso

            Did you try the AI/AIS 135 f2? You really should. I have not tried the DC version, nor most any of the autofocus yet. I hear it’s good also. I also hear that that the Sony/Zeiss is as well as that canon. And then they also have a new one for eveybody… But I also like the Kalimar 135 f3.5 I bought for ten bucks. It has 25 aperture blades, not that it really helps anything… And true to what they said on cult classics, the vivitar 135 f2.5 with the “tx” mount is at it’s best at f11 or wide open. A good investment at ten or twenty five. The only 135 lenses I didn’t like were some slow pre AI ones.
            My friend shoots Canon and I’ve got a few years of evaluating his lenses and results. None of the three Canon lenses that I had him get have any color similarity to any of the other two. Of them, I find the color of the 50-200L to be the best. It probably does have the rumored fluorite elements. I liked the company a lot better before they had their sales reps come on here and try to trash the D800 repeatedly for some petty stuff. Or maybe that’s my impression, because I don’t usually use autofocus.
            I don’t read the Canon forum because it’s a mess, but I can’t imagine Nikon having their staff trolling in the same manner…
            I’m going to be a dual system user also… Sony.

            • Joe Bear

              -I’ve tried the 135f2 DC. Wasn’t impressed. Its autofocus is the old screw-drive variety, so it’s not as accurate at dusk.
              -Haven’t tried any of those old lenses. 25 aperture blades sounds impressive.
              -Seems like you’re talking about some old lenses. Can’t agree or disagree with what you’re talking about. Didn’t know there existed a 50-200L, but I started not too long ago when they already had the good autofocusing stuff .:)
              -I’m not sure if Canon has people trash stuff here. Quite subversive if they do. My guess is they would suggest the D600 was $1500 and to create false expectations, haha. Kinda the reverse of Apple leaking $1000 for their iPad.

      • RussB

        Ha ha, so completely true.

    • mor

      you are delusional

    • babola

      Another pi$s-poor attempt at comedy.

      Stick to your day job.

    • scurvy hesh

      Why someone would spend so much time shit talking (and lying) on behalf of Canon is beyond me. Do you get paid for it? If not then why bother. Just shoot and be happy.

      I have Mostly Nikon but also have a few EOS bodies. I personally prefer Nikon but I would never turn my nose on a 5D or 1d camera. Like you they are just tools. But these are really, really nice tools…

    • Yhannoby

      I see this guys trolling they hatin… lol

    • JohnJohn

      You guys fail to understand and see the truth? So blinded by your Nikon shit. On what terms the D4 & the D800 got advantage with 1Dx & 5DM3? 1Dx is faster in fps, more focus points, faster processor, 2 cf cards not that XQD crap that will die in a year or so, everything about 1Dx is impressive than your D4.
      How about 5DM3? It has more focus points, faster fps, better video recording, superb ISO, again, everything is perfect compared with the D800.
      Nikon is left out now. It belongs to the category of pentax and olympus, trash cameras!

      • Pablo Ricasso

        First with the last… I don’t know about Olympus but you lose a lot of credibility calling Pentax a trash camera. And all you are doing is rattling off a bunch of specs. You should know that numbers add up to nothing. I’ve seen what the 5d3 does at high ISO. The only reason I spend money to buy stuff better than what I could get for ten or twenty bucks is because I want IMAGE QUALITY. And compared to the D800 the stuff you like has none.
        When I started in this 6 megapixels were all most anybody could afford. I was going to save some money for that and I looked at a comparison in pop photo. The film guy shot a Nikon and the other a Canon. There was a picture of a roller coaster and I thought it was a cool effect, the way the sky was in some neon color and everybody looked plastic. And then I realized that it wasn’t an effect. It was the best that the engineers at Canon could do to replicate the actual colors present at the time of the photo. And I thought, no thanks, I’ll shoot film. I furthered my opinion by looking at a life size photo of someone in a uniform at my local camera store. I admired the detail for a moment, thinking that they had photographed a figure in a wax museum. It was only after examining the picture for a long time that I determined that it was an actual person, dressed in actual fabric. So I took the money I saved and bought an RB67.
        The color as rendered by Canon digital cameras has improved somewhat, but is still nowhere close to that of a Nikon, and that is for several reasons. Then also, there is the issue of dynamic range, and that is the other thing that caused me to use film for a long time. The reason I tell you this is that initially Canon had a lead in digital technology. That Nikon has moved so far ahead causes me to believe that the difference will be even greater in the years ahead. But I probably waste a lot of time giving my objective opinion. Trolls like you make my opinion become less than objective.

        • JohnJohn

          I was a nikon user before with crisp nikkor lenses. But as i see how canon progress and improves and seeing nikon doing nothing there I decided to move. Sold all my nikon gear and bought myself a 5DM3 which is for me better than the D800. Nikon is now trying to catch up with the technology that canon offers. You know to yourself that Nikon has lost its touch. It’s over for nikon and must accept the fact that most off all photographers will move to canon soon.

      • You sound like a stupid child!! If you aren’t then you should be ashamed of your comments.

    • canonfanboy butthurt

      what a d0uchebag, get a life. Nobody here want less dynamic, color, iso range in their sensor. 5dm3 is almost the same sensor and in 3 years they learned how to cook their raw and iso better. But least the AF is much better the the 5dm2.

    • jimmy picture

      OK this is long but give it a read …. isn’t that why your here to read this kind ah stuff anyways?

      I don’t just base my purchaser power on just company reps only, but customer service is a very important part of survival for any dedicated market manufacturer as in pro-photo equipment, yes and; along with putting out a quality product too. But you dedicate that towards your pro-base customers because that is what a lot ah the amateurs see pros like me using so they-think if it’s good enough for us it’s best for them too, and I’ll add that Canon-Pro puts nps to SHAME !!!! I walk up to nps and as a member for a long time in Premier-Platinum standings and they look down their nose at me? Where as Canon-Pro has helped me out more then nps has? For me that’s a problem when I have enough money invested in nikon merchandise to buy a very nice large-house on 25-acres! That is one reason why nikon isn’t as proliferate today as they used to be. Just look around as you will see that not as many amateurs shoot nikon today like they used to. Maybe because not as many pro-shooters use nikon like we used to, I look around as a journalist and I see it’s like 58/42 Canon split now … used to be 89/11 nikon and, then there are many more brands out their amateurs can use. Most of you reading this now own both Canon and nikon so what does that tell you? Used to be only one or the other. As a pro we are limited to, let us face it, two major brands for the 35mm concept except for glass, which at today’s prices and the way they both subcontracting out there are some better buys when it comes to glass and some other accessories as well. Yes their are a few other bodies but Canon and nikon have a strangle hold on the pro market so we use one of those two for our 35mm style/formatted work. In the film age there was an upgraded body maybe every 10-12yrs but with the ever changing electronic upgrades a new upgraded pro-level body comes out almost every 14-months or less. If it weren’t for the floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters over the past year or so nikon wouldn’t be so backed up with back-orders. It’s not that they were not prepared for the d800 and d4 onslaught of popularity, but their plants are under Mother Natures fury. So that could also damper the advancements they make available to us in upgrading their technology too? Then they put a hold on the availability of the d4 and d800 because they are leaving too many d3x’s on the shelves. And if you don’t believe that one and if you do consider yourself a real pro-shoorer then your shooting in a forth-world country. Cuz that is true!

      OK … Moving on. So, I came here cuz one of my staffers suggested I visit to checkout the info posted here on the elusive release of the d600 before we continue our order on before it is too late to switch {funny what drinking kool-aid can do to your thought process} … Also I’m surprised these postings are not screened for use of your {}#@%&? profanity. Some of you could use a good chew off a Dove bar and I taint referring to ice-cream. WOOOOO some of you are brutal, hope you can channel this accretion into a productive spirit at some part of your day.

      Dribble Drabble … you all remind me of the group of kool-aid drinkers that followed jim jones over to guyana the way you drone on about your notkon’s. And when anyone has another opinion: “Then yours” = you whine on like a bunch of door-knockers. Reminds me of being in a budget meeting!

      As I read through your posts most of you are duel-consumers of Canon/Nikon. I question that you would chirp on me for my opinion when you can’t make up on yours on what to use? If you’re such a staunch notkon supporter why do you buy Canon too? Gosh wish I had parents too, that could foot the bill for such dismissive decision making! As for the medium/large format someone spoke of = table-toppers, wedding ‘eeek’ shooters , and portraiture shooters; none of them would ‘never think of shooting in a 35mm format’ … till the digee-era arrived. +35k for a digital back for a blad, and we cry about 6k for a body? And now that these bodies incorporate video capabilities our papers shooter’s now do both stills and video for our print/ink pages and web sight video posting.

      JohnJohn: Nice

      When people attack me I get defensive …. You don’t know me so don’t judge me, you can’t! I could through-down but why?

      scurvy hesh: If your September 12, 2012 at 5:53 pm post was directed at me your a …. if you LOVE u’r nikon so much more then why do you have any Canon too?? Sounds hypocritical to demean me for my opinion, I thought that’s what forums like this were for, for me to post my thoughts too yah think ?? To post an opinion, but OH it isn’t to your liking so then it must be …… WRONG ‘meh’ !! You been drinking from Dakota’s bottle?

      Pablo Ricasso: you must be a fan of scurvy hesh? Here’s a little history for you. The first digee imaging system was made thru Kodak. It was a digital imaging back that attached to Canon and nikon bodies, like a film/polo back on an RB. They both signed a non-compete contract with Kojak and Canon’s expired first so they had the jump on nikon. Yes the image quality at first was very poor, it was so poor it wasn’t even newsprint good let ah lone magazine. It gets compacted from there on out, nikon engineers going to Canon and vice ah verse ah over the years, etc. Then came auto-focus. Canon went electronic with EOS first and their copyrights prevented nikon from advancing from mechanical which is when a lot of shooters jumped to Canon and never looked back, wish I’d followed but I bought into nikons shallow promises to catch up which I think they never did. I do wish I’d bought that nikkor 300 f/2 for $1,500. it came with a 1.5 converter which they permanently attached and now call it their 400 f.2.8 for almost 10k. I could buy a nice small car with the money I could sell that 300 f/2 for today!

      Dakota: Look around real good. It’s more like 58/42 Canon split now … used to be 89/11 notkon. Dat’s what I see on my photo assignments while running too-&-fro … you lose, and your areas tap water could use a higher dose of alprazolam. As I question you know what sertaline is used for, you need a change of Rx? And it takes a troll to think they smell one of their own kind …….

      I started shooting notkon before some of you were born. Yeah say what you feel makes you content within your own skin about that one …

      Yhannoby: I An’t no furry footed burrower just posting an opinion and since I have lots ah real time street-experiences behind knotkon glass …… but well; seems you wouldn’t understand so I’ll just leave it at that. Maybe you can get a drink from scurvy hesh.

      When a camera manufacture puts out a pro-body and follows up with a pro-sumer body that’s half the price but has better image quality, and puts out the d4 which is toadded as an upgrade over their d3x and lets a few d4’s out of the bag but then holds back on the d4 because their dealers are requesting return of stock credit because their getting stuck with the more expensive d3x there’s something wrong with that concern for their consideration for their consumers and retailers. That’s why the shooters in my arena are forgoing the d4 for the 2-4-1 d800. My paper just canceled our order for six d4’s and we are getting our WHOLE STAFF of six three d800’s each. And some new glass with the left over difference. Yes like I said I’d like to jump over to Brand-X but, it would be beyond our bean-counters reach to jump ship. The poor accountant dude would cardio flat-line on us writing out a check with all those zeros and who’d cut our pay-checks??

      babola: I’m on the comedy channel at 12am tonight!!

      Peace Out Crew xoxoxox

  • They wont name it D 600
    when there is a canon out there
    named 600 D.

    • They’ve both had cameras named D60, and Canon also has the 60D…

    • TuPana

      I’ll bet D7100 or D7200.

      • Paul

        You lose, give me your money.

  • javaone

    The article needs to be clarified:

    In Japan
    D800 costs around ¥298,000 = $3825 US
    D600 rumored to be ¥215,000 = $2760 US

    Do not compare to US price of D800 to rumored Japanese price of D600.

    • CMan

      So with that logic, the D600 will be about $2150, which is about where it “should” be

      • Not Surprised

        Wrong! $2150 is about where the D700 was — and it is MUCH MUCH better than this camera.

        D600 vs. D700 based on these specs = D700 win x 10.

        No question at all.

        This camera better be $1500 or its a rip-off.

        • Spock

          agree …anyting over $2000 and im either not buying or will just go with the D800 once its proven that Nikon has got there crap sorted out with quality issues.

          2K ? I dont get it .. 1500 …a no brainer

          • kyoshinikon

            A max ss of 1/4000 really says where this camera is… I give up! a used D3s is what I want!

    • w00t

      The article is clear enough. It’s just that people don’t even read it.

      Having said that, even $2100 is expensive for a D7000 with a FF sensor, so go ahead and complain as you will.

    • TuPana

      In comparison to what you have listed, the cost of US models are about $825 cheaper. By that, the estimate may be around $1935, but will probably round to $1999.

    • Steve

      The D800 cost as low as 240000 Yen in Japan and at one of biggest stores it is 259000. Thats around 3200-3300 US. At BH its 3000 US. I think people are comparing the Japanese release price of the D800 with the in store price in America to find a ratio. Could be the Japanese release price of the D600 is inflated as it was with the D800, only to go down quickly, whereas the American release price and eventual sales price in store remain rather constant. So maybe 2100us is accurate in the end.
      In other words the Japanese release price is meaningless. Remember in Japan the camera body prices are very similar to America when exchange rate is taken into account.

      • Correct, this is why I took the ¥298,000 price for the D800

  • TuPana

    In that case, I hope your specs are incorrect. For that price, I expect the Max Shutter speed to be 1/8000 and for the camera to support at least 1/250 sync speed.

    • Paul

      When has a Nikon DSLR not supported 1/250 sync speed?

    • kyoshinikon

      Why does only the D70 have a 1/500 sync

      • Eric

        The d70 uses a CCD sensor which employs an electronic shutter to achieve flash sync above 1/250. It can actually sync even higher than 1/500. The downside with the electronic shutter was blooming. As far as I know, the current CMOS designs do not read out all pixels at the same time (see rolling shutter in video) and therefore the electronic shutter cannot be used for higher speed flash sync.

  • BryanL

    This is gonna be 2,199.99…and if they offer a kit,,(24-85) most likely be 2,599.99… All of us who read this site everyday have been hoping this would be under 2k… But for that price u might as well get a d800… But these will sell like hot cakes,, the other day I was just browsing a BestBuy.. and I over heard this salesman telling a (confused soccer mom) to wait for a camera by Nikon coming out real soon… And that it would be a little brother to the pro d800.. She said “GREAT,,CAN I PAY FOR IT NOW?” D600 is gonna be bought by everything from moms to pros…me,,still loving my d7000 and d800(without any problems)..

    • w00t

      “But these will sell like hot cakes,”

      Err, what?

      The soccer moms you mention will look at the similar camera right next to this one – the D7000 – for $900 and will obviously take that one.

      The ones who know anything about photography will either buy a used D700 or pay an extra $700 over this and get a decent body, much more MP, better focusing, etc – the D800.

      • They won’t buy the D700 instead. They’ll pick it up and say what people already are saying about my D7000 vs the D3100, “It’s way too big! I’ll just get the small one.”
        Most people will care more about the new, smaller, fancy camera with video and big sensor that will, “Take professional photos.”

        • Joe Bear

          They won’t buy a D700 if it’s discontinued and not sold in store. They would buy a D600 and perhaps more fx glass if it’s there in store (the body, not the glass. best buy’s a joke for glass). I’ve seen soccer mom’s shoot with a D700+battery grip with 70-200 f/2.8 VR II, but they’re either loaded soccer moms or photog moms/wives. Couldn’t tell.

        • Justin

          Agree. Amateurs buy small bodied cameras. They prefer them. They see a D700 or D800 sized camera and shriek at having to use it: hold it, store it, carry it, etc. 5100, D90, D7000 nothing bigger.

          I still think in order for this to be scooped up by rich soccer moms it needs to be under $2k.

          Otherwise it becomes a second body for pros or entry body for advanced amateurs and sells great but never has mass appeal.

    • Steve

      Yes the rumours here had it around 1899 for the body. 2100 is about 160000Yen in Japan. So if it is 215000 Yen in Japan people will import it from America unless Nikon have taken Japanese out of the menu option and generally Nikon dont do that type of thing like Sony or Panasonic.

  • Steve

    I hope its under £2000 GBP. If not, I may not purchase straight away. I’ve been waiting for this release for a while, but not contemplating spending more than two grand for the body.

    • Dave

      I should hope so too – you can get the D800 for £2200!

  • Shy

    Admin, what about a poll? Would you by the D600 at $2700 USD given known specifications?

    • will do after the announcement

    • RC

      Come on. The obvious answer is NO! No one in their right mind would pay that price for a D600 when you can get a D800 for only $300 more!

  • Bye bye Nikon D600

    For that price vs camera. No thank you.

  • Len

    i’ll save my money for a D800 or a used D3S

  • Rock Kenwell

    Name it D780 at that price.

  • reinm

    2700€ !?
    The D800 is currently selling at 2660€ Body! Why should anyone buy the D600 instead?

    • Radu

      This has almost the same price as D800!!!I really don’t understand why is so expensive,it should be priced at $ 1,499 maximum

  • Andy

    If the US price is indeed closer to $2K than $1.5K, I think it will be disappointing given the specs we know.

    My logic is …this D600 is about the same as 5D2, but 5D2 is 4-5 yrs old and can be had at $1.6K (or was it $1.8K?) recently at BH…so, I don’t see how a $2K D600 can be attractive especially it looked obvious that Nikon crippled the specs (shutter speed and flash sync) that reminds me of a FX version of D90.

    • passing by

      Canon 5D Mark II is 2000$ on B&H. Therefore Nikon D600 for 2000$+ is nothing worth attention

      • Andy

        Exactly. …especially that Canon recently has some promo going on…and I remember seeing deals about 5D2 being 1.6K or 1.8K after rebate, etc.

        • RussB

          Did IQ suddenly go out the window in everyones considerations or something? The Canon suffers awful banding, the Nikon sensor in the D600 will trounce the 5DII and most likely the 5DIII too especially at lower ISO. Also, the AF in the 5DII is archaic. With the D600 you have technology that is 7 years newer instead of the crappy regurgitated Canon garbage. I would be thinking more carefully about what’s likely to be on offer here – Canon have NOTHING to compare…

          • Big J

            One of the reasons back then I myself didn’t get a 5DmkII was the fact it had too many problems. Like 20+ firmware updates and focusing issues that even Canon wouldn’t fix because even though it was in warranty it was “too picky” of a consumer to want fixed.

      • Scurvy hesh

        Hey the MKII is a great camera, but what does it offer over the D600? You are getting a newer sensor which will likely have better high iso and DR. You will get a more advanced focusing module, better video and a better frame rate with still photos. Dont get me wrong if the price is right I will most likely snatch up a MKII, but due to its age it will have to be or around $1200.00.

      • RC

        What are you smoking? The 5D2 has a crap AF system. I’m not even remotely interested in that camera. Besides, it’s ANCIENT!!!!

        • Scurvy hesh

          Perhaps I wasn’t clear. let me FTFY>

          Hey the MKII is a great camera, but what does it offer over the D600? Not a lot.

          WITH THE D600 You are getting a newer sensor which will likely have better high iso and DR than the MKii. You will get a more advanced focusing module, better video and a better frame rate with still photos. (than the MKii)

          Dont get me wrong if the price is right I will most likely snatch up a MKII, but due to its age it will have to be or around $1200.00.

          Is that better?


    • Pablo Ricasso

      “About the same as…”
      I imagine it has some similar sounding specs. But when you LOOK at the PICTURE you SHOULD see a WORLD of DIFFERENCE.
      When DXO gets their hands on one it will score within a point of the D4 and the D800, because Nikon understands the art of imaging, and Canonites will not understand. Nikon is a photographer’s camera. Canon is a camera for people who need to say “I’ve got one too.”

  • siotg

    Native ISO of at least 12,800, shutter speed of 1/8000, those are the 2 things that i’d really like the d600 to have but it doesn’t. That’s sad, very sad 🙁

    • Pablo

      What did you guys think?
      a D4 for 1500??

      • Dammer

        Under 2k that’s fine, over 2k and I want it to perform at least as well as the D7000 in every regard.

        • RC

          I don’t think that highly of the D7000, so I’m curious what exactly you think won’t be as good as the D7000 other than some shutter speeds/sync speeds. As far as the specs look, it’s better than the D7000 in almost every way and by a long way.

          • kyoshinikon

            Have you even used a D7000?

          • kyoshinikon

            It is a stripped down D7000 with a better sensor and buffer.

            Less Fps
            1/4000 SS (1/8000 on the D7000)
            Same stinkin 39point AF
            1/200 sync (vs the 1/250 of the D7000)
            Even the eyepiece is the same according to the posted pics
            I assume the rest is along the same Vein

            The sensor is the only step up…

  • SB

    Anything over 2k really places Nikon at an awkward place in the market. Putting it over 2500 makes them certifiably insane. Anyone who is in the budget for a FX camera will not pay over that, when they can save for a month or so longer and get a d800. I was excited about this camera, but refuse to pay close to 3k for an FX D7000, not with the technology SONY just put into their new cameras and the upcoming models from Canon.

    • Richard

      Nikon seems to be in a tough spot. I doubt many D7000 users will be impressed if the D600 does not at least match the D7000 in all regards except for having an FX sensor.

      On top of that there is the continuing problem of Nikon video performance. Reports on the D4’s video capability are not that good. People who want video either have to have a separate system (the Panasonic GH2 seems to have been a popular choice and we shall soon see about the GH3) or simply have been going to Canon if video was their main interest.

      As you observe, the new Sony release has certainly challenged both Nikon and Canon. Kirk Tuck is effusive in his praise of the new Sony release and he probably is not alone. He abandoned Canon for Sony (and also ditched m4/3 for the Sony NEX system).

  • Pablo

    If a year ago they told us that this was going to be the D800 with those specs and no price, we would have guessed 2700 dollars…
    I think this camera will sell between 1899 and 2299
    if Nikon decides to build a pro dx, (D400) it will probably be 1899
    and if they make a D7100, it will be 1499 for the kit.
    it all makes sense now.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Yes everyone, if it comes out at 1999, you might be able to get it at around the 1500 you wanted some time next year when you have all your pennies saved.
      It looks like it’s going to be a long while before there are a bunch of D800s in the stores…

  • IdahoJim

    A price point of $2,100ish (US dollars) makes lot of sense especially if they are going to have a D300s replacement. EG.. D3200 $500, D500 is what $700-4800, D7000/D7100 $900 – $1,100, D400 $1500ish, D600 $2,100ish, D800 $2999, D4 $6K.

    Bringing the D600 down into the sub-$2K range (at intro) would put downward preasure on the products beneath it. Unless, they drop a product such as the D5000. But, even then they’d still have to lower the price point for the D7000/D400 class products. It seems likely Nikon would prefer to keep price points up as long as possible.

    All that said, the D800 pricing is completely contrary to any of my previous logic. EG.. It replaced the $8000 D3X. Probably because if you can capture enough incremental market share with a lower priced product, the net ROI will still be positive. So who the hell knows at this point? 😛 Guess we’ll find out here shortly.

  • Shlomo

    It’ll be $1999 … Mark my words.

  • Nikoneer

    If the D600 is around the $2100 range, the D800 makes better sense for me.

  • We can only wait to see what the actual price will be. These are still rumors at this point. I love my D7000, and have been waiting for the D600 body. I was hoping to pay 1/2 of what the D800 costs. Thinking it could be as much as $1,699, but if it is $1,999, I rather spend the additional $1000 to get the D800.

    • I think the lowest price we can expect is $1899, I don’t see it going down any lower if the rumored Japanese price is correct.

      • thomas

        what if that’s the price for the kit; body only could still be $1700

        • Rob

          It’s time to face reality people. I’ve been telling you for months, but you the time has come. Enjoy your last few hours of irrational hope. The camera won’t be as cheap as you’d like.

          • Rob

            +the word “for” if you want that to make sense

      • rhlpetrus

        Anything under 2,000 is incredible. Except for body durability, this camera is better than the D3x (well, include a little better AF there), which, just10 months ago, was the highest res Nikon, for over 6,000USD. How easy it is to get spoiled.

  • I’m waiting until the full announcement happens to hear what it is going to cost me. Ideally I would have wanted something like a D710 with 16mp, 7fps and 51k ISO. Essentially that would be a perfect wedding shooter camera. I don’t shoot enough weddings to afford a D4 but I’d love a mini D4 (a la D700 & D3). D800 is too many mp for shooting weddings because I would shoot about 200gb per wedding vs 40-50gb. That’s a lot of storage! Especially when you start getting into bringing them into PS (1gb PSD per image). It increases my overhead cost per wedding.
    24mp puts it up past the level it was when I was using a 5D2 which was still a lot of data. But I digress.
    That said, my hope is that the D600 falls in the $1,999 category. I was dreaming that it would fall in the $1,499 range because that would fit my budget a lot better but $1,999 still technically falls in the sub $2k range.
    It still has HDMI output which is something that no other camera sub $3k has so that’s going to kick some tail right there. Honestly, if you get that and an atomos ninja you’re hitting the $3k mark with full frame, timecode, annotations, prores, SSD recording, etc. the list goes on. For any indy cinematographer it is the perfect kit. Especially because old Nikkor lenses are phenomenal for cinema. Again, I digress.

  • One More Thought

    Price is very important to the success of this model. I don’t think there is anyway they can price it at $2700 US…or it is DOA. Too close in price to the D800.

    To be really competitive, I believe it needs to be under $2000US.

    Here’s the problem: the sort of person that already knows and cares about FF is the sort of enthusiast (or pro) that has already ponied up for the D800 or D4, or maybe is content to stick w/ the D700, etc…or is going to buy one of those cameras. So the sort of person who would go for a FF above $2000US already has choices and has or will buy accordingly.

    The idea of a $1500 FF was that it would entice into the FF arena those consumers that otherwise would opt for a higher end crop camera…maybe those who would otherwise buy a D7000 at $1200, etc…but these consumers are more price sensitive.

    At $2000 or above these consumers will just go with the crop camera at a more affordable price, or even a higher end mirrorless.

    Let’s face it: the D600 is a nice cam, but it’s a D7000 with a FF sensor…even allowing for a $400 to $500 premium for the FF sensor, that would put it at let’s say US$1699.

    • Anonymous Maximus


      Plus another premium on FX lenses…

      I believe D600 suits best for those who are looking for a Leica-like experience with a couple of good little primes.

      • rhlpetrus

        Think a landscape shooter that likes to do trails. Or a wedding shooter that needs a second body. etc etc

    • mark

      I disagree…somewhat. I am a d7000 user who would love to go full frame, but you are correct, I am “price sensitive”. I think many other upper end DX users would happily jump to FX, and will pony up sufficient funds if it is worth it. although I generally agree that many people will not pay a penny over $1500, and we’d all be super happy if the price to “go FX” is only $1500-$1600, but if the d600 is closer to/over $2000 then me and many others will gladly save our pennies for a d800 or something similar in the future. I don’t think a d7000 with an FX sensor is worth 2/3 the price of a d800. Many of us serious amateurs will gladly save just a little bit longer in order to make the jump, so that we have a full-featured FX camera.

  • gurkus

    Next up on YouTube: Hitler learns about the D600 price tag…

  • Anonymous Maximus

    What sensor is Nikon going to use on D600?

    Will it be a revised / revisited sensor of D3x? If so, it was not very bright in high-iso department but had an awesome color palette, probably better than what D800 offers. Knowing that color palette is highly dependent on parameters & PP, but I’d appreciate a sensor good on colors to start with.

    • Olli

      The sensor will be a totally new one from Sony.

      • Anonymous Maximus

        Just wondered… But I’d still prefer a D800. It can be considered quite affordable for what it offers.

        Just as of 2011, $8K D3x was the only option above 16mp. Now 24mp seems the min. Everthing is on burst speed now after long years of waiting.

      • One More Thought

        I have read speculation that the D600 will use an Aptina sensor and not Sony. I wonder if Sony would want to allow Nikon to compete against its own products with its own sensor.

    • rhlpetrus

      It is a new Sony, same as in the A99. Think IQ at least as good as D800 if they use 14 bit ADC.

  • Joe McDonald – San D

    $2700 -I’ll pass

  • Maurey

    today i saw some nikon guys with new stuff in cologne city. photokina is in only one week.

  • MegaMo

    NIKON Y U NO MAKE D400 ?
    Reasonable Price
    DX 16-18 MP
    Strong Body

    that’s all I need.

    • Anon


    • RC

      Wat you want DX fo?

  • Dixie

    Why all this whining about the price? Are you really so poor that a couple of hundreds makes any difference? If one wants it then on buys it – drink less alcohol and cut online poker then suddenly money is not a problem.

    • BartyL

      Yes, because the only reason anyone would not be able or willing to spend $3000 on a non-essential item like a camera is that they are are alcoholic gamblers.

      • Dixie

        Or just lazy losers who don’t earn/work enough….

        • Michel

          You self indulgent prat. Better people than you really struggle to make ends meet for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you should look up compassion in the dictionary, it doesnt seem to be in your psychological profile

          • Dixie

            If one’s money is so tight then photography is not a correct hobby to one. It is a gentleman’s hobby – trash can watch football and drink light beer.

            • Jack Meof

              You’re a gent?
              Funny, by the way you talk, none could have guessed it…

        • BartyL

          I earn around US$60k equivalent, which would place me in the upper 20% income bracket in the the ‘States. I don’t drink or gamble. If the D600 is released tomorrow at the mooted US price I could buy 10 of them outright. I won’t for a variety of reasons not related to being an alcoholic, a gambler, lazy, a loser or a earning a low income.

          So you need to brush up on your social analysis skills, or take to posting somewhere degenerate neo-con fuckwits are appreciated.

          • RC

            You make $60k a year, and you think you can buy 10 luxury items at that multi-thousand dollar price each? Do you live with your mom? No kids?

            • BartyL

              I don’t live with my mum. I don’t have kids. I’m extremely careful with money and have other financial priorities including maximising the buffer between me and disaster (which are the principal reasons I won’t be buying 10 luxury items at multi-thousand dollar prices).

              I’m not such an idiot that I can’t see the role luck has played in my life or in the lives of others who won’t be purchasing these luxury items for reasons largely or entirely beyond their control.

            • Legion

              If you are American, this concept might seem incredibly foreign, but some people actually save money instead of living paycheck to paycheck and putting all expenses on credit cards.

              BartyL could be a middle-aged adult with years of savings. Even at US$60K/yr, $20K is not that much after 5 years of saving.

    • Dinga Poopilapilai

      Money is mine. No give to dinky-dink camera co. Peepel so gives money to dink-dinks like jizz from poontang bumping – all squirt, no brane.

  • Steve

    In Japan the D800 price is a low as 240000 Yen no where near the release price. Please ignore 215000Yen for the D600.

  • J Shin

    As priced, advantage, a99.

  • kenanyapici

    i think nikon knows what they do, the price will be 2k dollar im waiting canon 6d beat d600

  • Big J

    Don’t get why so many people are saying that it’s just almost the same price as a D800. First of all it’s with a lens (if the rumored price holds truth in the end) just sell it brand new for $550 or at the small camera shop and you’ll save. Also being too close to the price of a D800 (body only)? Well, I’m glad it’ll come with a lens rather than without one for the price and not a bad lens at that. They’re marketing the camera for people getting into FX by providing them a kit lens rather than them BUYING a body only and not having an idea what lens to get. With the 24-85mm chances are they’ll learn what they need and purchase accordingly.
    And also, I think this “kit” lens is great for people getting into digital photography. Got my 20mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4, 70-300mm and now with this lens I think it’ll be a great set.

  • Rob

    How much you wanna bet all these illiterate whiners will be complaining tomorrow about how admin was wrong about the price?

    I have an idea: There should be a multiple-choice quiz that you have to complete before you are allowed to comment on a post here. For example for this rumor post you must answer:

    1) How much does admin predict the Nikon D600 will cost IN THE USA?
    a) $1500
    b) $2100
    c) $2700

    Based on the complaints in this thread, 95% of people would get the quiz wrong and not be allowed to post. Instead, we have pages of people posting “OMFG $2700 I’M SWITCHING TO CANNNNONNNNN!!!1!”

  • MB

    2100$ kit MSRP price is something we kind of expected, no?
    That means 1800$ body only MSRP price and real world around 1600$ so no surprises here.

    • Legion

      Out of curiosity, where do people shop that they can get new items for hundreds of dollars less? The D800 is what, 5 months old? Where are they for sale less than $2999?

      Or do these “real world” prices only appear after 1 year?

  • ericnl

    let’s put aside the comparisons to other full frame cameras for a moment and just look at the rumoured specs: doesn’t the D600 at that point look exactly like what you would expect the D7000 upgrade to be like, only with an added FX sensor?

    at B&H the current D7000 sells for $996.95 so if the D600 is really going to be $2100.00 it would mean that the additional cost of an FX sensor over a DX sensor in this D7100FX would be $1100.00+

    and thát is why I think it would be too expensive at that price point…

    • IwantFX

      Agree! The D800 is currently 3.5x more expensive than the D7000 for import stock in Australia. Paying at least 2.5x more just for a FX sensor and same body? You are kidding! I am disappointed that the D600 has the same viewfinder compare to the D7000. 🙁 If they are going to price it more than $2000 AUD, forget about the D600.

  • rhlpetrus

    @Admin: 14 bit ADC? Haven’t seen anything on that yet.

  • The retail price of D800 in Japan was 500 USD more than the in the US so I think the price of the D600 in the US is going to be somewhere around 2100 USD.

  • loosing Patience

    Entry level FX? Seriously? What the hell is the point?

    Where’s the 300s replacement?

  • jdsl

    Seriously???!!! Wow!!!

    The D800 here now costs Y240,900.

  • Aaron

    OOOOWWWWNED so happy with the D800 right now.

  • chi

    Whaaa…. $2,700? I just barely saved enuf for the $1,500 low ball estimate, but now it’s nearly twice as much. I’m going to have to go dumpster diving for cans and bottles… 🙁

  • Any word on a spec sheet, that may have possibly been leaked.

  • Sombat

    I just got the price in Thailand press conference. It is 72,900 bath for body only. Approx. 2300$

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