Nikon Coolpix P7100 samples and promo videos

Update: some more P7100 hands-on from Pocket-lint and a new photo gallery from dpreview. Also, Fantasea announced plans to produce an underwater housing for the P7100.

Nikon published some images and video samples taken with the new Nikon Coolpix P7100. I did not see much coverage from the different press events across the world except this report from Tokyo. I also find it unusual that except dpreview nobody else got a hands-on preview on this camera.

This is the official Nikon promo video:

and another promo video from Amazon:

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  • jk

    not really…..

  • SP8CED21

    Yawn!!!!!! lol at least FX should be next, cool camera’s but i need something meatier

    • MJr

      Actually the mirrorless system is probably next, not much meat either =p

    • ja

      i dont own a P&S camera but if i were to get one then this is the model i would pick , always had it in mind to get one but it just doesnt come off as other items come first .
      im hoping like you guys that the dslrs are up next

  • up $#!t’s creek

    admin – please for my own sanity announce the d800. false hope is hope nonetheless – and better than reading about coolpix

    • 120-300 os

      Oke i help a little bit D800 900 in the pipeline but the line is blocked for some more weeks be patient

    • Vandyu

      I can’t help but wonder why the same sad, depressing voices post here about the lack of a D700 update day after day, when the current story clearly relates to the new P7100. It’s not a D800 or a D400. So, if you’re not interested in the P7100, why not just quit running down the non-pro models and go take some photos with whatever you’re using now? Do you really think that complaining about the announcement of the P7100 is going to get the D800 in your hands any faster?

      • Martijn


        • Alex


          OVER 9000!!

      • BartyL

        Hear hear!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe nobody wants one? Just kidding, jeez, lighten up.. Dslr’s will come. Eventually.

  • Dweeb

    Nikon D800 samples and promo videos – TBA LOL

  • Marc
    • [NR] admin

      Impossible, reading the specs and showing press release images is not a hands-on.

      • ericnl

        I don’t know. the fact that he says that he was allowed to play (take photos) with two of the cameras, but was only allowed to hold the third one, seems to indicate that he did get a hands-on with them. ?

        • ericnl

          also he posted this around midnight (the time of the announcement) but it was recorded in daytime (hence the sunlight), so it must have been recorded at least 6-8 hours before the announcement (the sun doesn’t look like it’s at the golden hour either).

          so it looks like he indeed might have the scoop next to the afro-comb.

          • [NR] admin

            The specs and images were available on this website hours before the announcement, this is where he probably got his info from.

        • [NR] admin

          Everything is possible, I just doubt that dpreview and Fro were the only ones who touched that camera. I also did not see any of the samples he took.

          • Just a Thought

            Maybe let Nikon know that you too would be interested in being put on their accredited media list. You’d probably be approved by the time the D3S replacement comes out – they might even let you play with one. Just keep asking anyone and everyone at Nikon – let your email requests flood their email system till they give in and give you your well deserved accreditation.

            Heck you did a superb job covering their new Coolpix rollout – you might even want to remind them of that fact….

            • Just A Thought

              Ask your contacts at B&H about who to emaill. Maybe they could whisper your name in someone’s ear for ya…

  • f-stop

    enough with the kids toys……..its one thing to come to the party late if your the best dressed but if you come to the party to late no one cares. Where are the real cameras!

  • Micke

    Can it get any sadder?

  • 120-300 os

    last update nikon is working on tc s internal like sony and for fx and dx

  • cgistudio

    Nikon is just pissing in the wind with the FX cameras

  • Norman Specter

    I want to be a little cynical: I bet this site’s traffic went up ten fold in the days, weeks and months leading up to today, having whipped everyone up into a frenzy of excitement about DSLRs. Great acumen on the site’s part but it leaves us fanboys with egg on our faces and a nasty taste in our mouths. Just sayin’.

    • Martijn

      the readers created that themselves. Admin kept telling no leaked info about DSLR’s. there just was an announcement, and a presentation from Joe mcnally.

      Joe is probably laughing now, and happy with the extra publicity

  • AK

    Okay, maybe so but it´s not this page admins fault that there are no DSLR:s. I think there will be some “real” equipment releases within next month. Lets hope so.

  • André

    A guy from dpreview said, they were among the only ones who really stick to the official release date when it comes to publish confidential stuff. Nikon possibly does not trust other testers to keep things secret long enough.

  • A.Lwin

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like puking (or laughing in Nikon’s face) while or after watching the above two clips?

    Some of the keywords/phrases in the videos just seem hilarious: supremely professional? shoot as if using interchangeable lenses? large image sensor? 720p video? so on…Nikon, I AM: DISAPPOINTED

    • A.Lwin

      Oh and I forgot to mention, Dear Nikon, can you please show us the EXIF metadata for the sample photos used in those two video clips? So that we can be sure that those sample images were taken with a P7100 and not the D700/D3s using Pro Nikkor lenses.

    • MJr

      No just the US video, the UK one is alright.

  • broxibear

    I wonder if they’ll put that tilting screen on the D800 ?…shock horror, a tilting screen on a professional camera ahhhhhhhhhhhh! lol.

    • Just A Thought

      Another model rumored to be in line to be updated “real soon” will apparently be getting one – no not FX…

  • EvanK

    I won’t be excited about a Nikon compact until they cram a DX format sensor into it.

  • Nicolò

    Next September: Nikon D710!

  • rick

    All the sample photos from the P7100 were shot at ISO 100. How about some shot at ISO 1600, or at least 800?

    • A.Lwin

      The videos claim that people can get good clean photos at ISO 12800, I want to see examples of that.

  • Radvel

    The “flagship” Coolpix update is so minor as to almost not even warrant the update. Internally, almost everything is the same: sensor, video, lens, viewfinder, raw format, etc.

    The update for this P&S would have been to set the wide part of the lens at 24mm and push the video to 1080p. We have the same camera with a supposedly improved image processor and a few bells and whistles.

    I am honestly asking: What was the point of the upgrade? What did I miss? What would be the benefit of buying the P7100 new at $500 vs. a used P7000 at probably $300?

    • Mike

      You should read Thom Hogan’s review of the P7000. The P7100 sounds like a big improvement. The main thing with the 7000 was it’s speed at start up, it’s speed between shots, glitches that would cause it to freeze, and several seconds to write 1 RAW file to card. It had the feeling of a Sigma, uh er, I mean a rushed-to-market-product.

  • Gray

    I actually like the look of this camera.
    You don’t need over 10 mp for most of the type of shots you would take.
    And if it truly does have good high iso low noise with that bigger ccd, it would be great.

    I really like the ergonomics of it.
    f2.8-5.6 isn’t bad, but wish it were in the 1.8 range.
    But at least it has VR for non still shots

  • Madetech

    I will use the P7100 video for a drinking game. Every time he says P7100 is one shot, every time professional is written or said 2 shots…

    • Madetech

      Forgot to mention that i will use the amazon one.

  • Roy

    My existing DX bodies will serve my needs, but I needed some smaller gear as back-up and for walking. I’m handing down my Canon G10 to my son, and just ordered an Olympus Pen to try out. I held out for awhile waiting for the Nikon mirrorless system, although I’ve been concerned about rumors of a small sensor. I’ve given up waiting and went ahead with the Pen. It makes me sad to give someone other than Nikon my money.

    • Just A Thought

      “It makes me sad to give someone other than Nikon my money.”

      Well this is not the first time that you have turned your back (and wallet) away from Nikon by spending your money on a competitors product….note that your old G10 was also not produced by Nikon.

  • Mike

    If the D7100 had even the 2.6 crop sensor or even better, an APS-C sensor, I’d be all over it for travel. It looks great for what it is, an uncompromised compact, but I’m spoiled with the current FX sensor’s abilities.

    • Just A Thought

      “If the D7100 had even the 2.6 crop sensor or even better, an APS-C sensor, I’d be all over it for travel. It looks great for what it is, an uncompromised compact, but I’m spoiled with the current FX sensor’s abilities.”

      Your need clearly cries out for a Leica M9 solution. Just click on the B&H link found on this site and they will take care of your needs. BTW, you will also be supporting this site via your B&H purchase. Win – Win for everyone…

  • European

    Sample images on website looks very, very impresive! Gonna buy this camera as my second.

  • Fab

    How is it that picture no. 3 Exif says it is shot at 4.5mm (21mm equivalent)?

    • Kostas

      with a wide converter

  • bart b

    “I also find it unusual that except dpreview nobody else got a hands-on preview on this camera.”

    Let’s torture DPReview admin until he shows us the D4, D800 and Nikon Mirrorless !!!!

  • Kostas

    I think it would be a really good camera with the x2,6 crop sensor!
    I could replace my premium compact (fuji F200 exr) with this one

    Now it’s ok. The samples are not bad at all (but only 100 ISO)

    Sorry for my bad English

  • Kostas

    I think it would be a really good camera with the x2,6 crop sensor! I could replace my premium compact with this one

    Now it’s ok. The samples are not bad at all (but only 100 ISO)

    Sorry for my bad English

  • Guenther

    “The COOLPIX flagship model offering superior image quality and portability”!!
    I never trust again Nikons Marketing Speech! I bought a P6000! If you use this scrapy thing, you will think that Nikon never built a camera before! (Nikon should pay back the money for this useless thing)
    Than I satisfy my frustrations and bought a D700. It is more, more, more better but some things looking designed from the same development team like the P6000 (for example the position of the flash button).
    And I’m shure the same people worked also on the P7100!

  • Robert

    I really don’t get the readers who continue to complain on the P7100/P7000 specs. What’s the point in comparing a compact camera with a full frame sensor DSLR (Nikon D700)?
    They are aimed at two different kind of use and they can both be purchased by a professional photographers who need a “luxury” compact camera that’s discreet, lightweight and easily portable. There are a lot of situations in photography in which, the lesser the weight you have to carry around, the better your responsiveness and thus the outcome of your shots (e.g. street photography, photo-essay).

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