Nikon Denmark press invitation

This is the press invitation sent by Nikon Denmark. The text says something like: "Nikon is inviting you to a press meeting with exclusive beforehand showing". The event is scheduled for two hours. Can any native speakers spot some more clues?

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  • Canon User

    Something big is waiting to be announced!

    • Kon_head


      • Lewis

        Nikon is planning to take over the world! Muahahahah!

        • ja

          ha ha they will with the D4 ,D800 ,D400

        • ren kockwell

          welcome to the darkside

    • Chris

      If you check the top-vendor of Nikon in Denmark – who lives in and shares the same building as Nikon Denmark (you can walk from the shop directly into Nikons office) – then you will see they are out of D3x and D700. They do have D3s and D300s! At normal prices. If this is not a coincident I would guess (wild guess): Nikon is going to replace the D3X with a D4. A D4 that just do everything on the top. Next to that they will come out with an afordable high iso FX-camera aimed for news and prosumers. (Remember the prosumers are becoming a huge segment in buying the serious lenses). And such a camera could be called anything, depending on how Nikon will manage the naming of the different lines in the years to come. (They could even call it D400 FX).

  • Steffen Hokland

    The text says (translated by me – a dane):

    The large text:

    “Nikon welcomes you to an exclusive pre-showing at the restaurant VIVA wednesday august 24th.

    The invitation is personal and confidential and may not be passed on nor published.”

    The text to the right is just a general Nikon commercial-text.

    • Lewis

      So much for not being published.

      • [NR] admin

        oops, I did not know that, then I guess I should remove it then

        • Lewis

          I guess they won’t be inviting you to the next event.

        • Iris Chrome

          hmmm, I don’t know if Nikon can do much about it though :)

        • lolly

          Admin, have you ever been invited to an event ? Lol

          • [NR] admin

            of course not :)

            • Just A Thought

              Well you have an image of an invitation and have some Photoshop skills. Add your name, print, get laminated and head for the airport. Hey, your report from the exclusive pre-showing would go viral on the internet. Top Journalists , like yourself, often do what they need to do to bring the latest news to their readers. As a Journalists with a Web presence and world wide follow, me thinks that it would be unlikely that Nikon would lay charges – image the uproar all over the internet if they did. Call some of the vendors and gear manufacturers and have them become your exclusive sponsor for the trip.. Call in sick to work. Sounds like a plan – no????

            • [NR] admin

              I wish I had the balls to do this :)

            • preston



          • sade

            That is like inviting a hacker to participate a conference in security issues of some operating system! 😀

            • Rob

              Actually hackers are employed to find and solve vulnerabilities all the time.

      • Iris Chrome


    • Mr Rogers

      really? at a restaurant? sounds classy…yawn

      • MichavdB

        I don’t think we’re talking about the local 99 Restaurant here.

        • preston

          daaaammmnnnn – gotta dress like 007 to be let in there!

        • Anders Graverholt

          Did anyone besides med notice that the restaurant has a yacht called “Moby Dick”?

          Could this be a hint that we’re chasing the great white whale when hoping for a big FX release i six days??

  • Rick

    EVIL, omg i cant wait anymore! :'(

    • Daniel Fisher

      I can’t wait anymore either. I’ll take a D4 please. Now.

  • CaryTheLabelGuy

    I’m starting to think we will in fact see a few new FX DSLR bodies next week. It just doesn’t make sense to not announce them and only the mirrorless. They are making a much bigger deal about the 24th announcement for it to be only a few coolpix cameras and the EVIL system. I stand on my D4 and D800/900 predictions.

    • Rham Nogan

      Is it just possible, we (not Nikon) are making the big deal of it? but yeah i still am hoping for my d800

      • CaryTheLabelGuy

        I’m mainly reffering to Nikon not allowing time off for it’s employees through the end of the year, Nikon keeping very tight lipped on telling dealer buyers what’s coming next and asking for commitments on unknown products…etc. Seems to me something really big is going to happen, but Nikon just doesn’t want a soul to know anything ahead of the 24th. This big of a deal could not be justified for just a mirrorless system alone.

        The D4 at least…… hopefully more.

        • Benk

          To me that means the mirrorless camera even more. Honestly, I think launching a brand new product line is a bigger deal than simply launching an update to an existing product. As much as I’m hoping for the D4 to be announced sooner rather than later, Nikon launching a new product line of cameras is a big deal.

          • Kon_head

            Totally agree, Nik is making big waves for the new EVIL line, highly doubt it is meant for DSLRs, pro DSLR is small market compare to elcheapo P&S.
            Nik exec is wetting their pants now for pissing off all the Nikon gearheads/fans.
            Go sony

          • BornOptimist

            Absolutely. This is a completely new segment, and the potential is FAR larger than the pro-line, which is more for bragging rights (and an excellent place to come with new technology before it’s introduced in the money-making produts). I’m not so sure the exec are worried. Since absolutely no information has been leaked about the latest development, I don’t think they are worried at all about a few weeks delay. You know – the whiners (or the others) on this blog are hardly representative for the common people around the world. Ppl here are die-hard hardware-geeks who talks and writes, but rarely use the equippment (with a few exeptions off course).

    • Chio

      I think we’re gonna see a D4 and D400. Why? Because the D3 and D300 got announced on the same day in August. Seeing as Nikon likes dates (many of their models were released on 1st of a month), it makes a bit sense.

      But it’s all so near and the feeling is great 😀

  • Ole

    I can confirm that Steffen’s translation is correct.

    The biggest text: “Velkommen til frokost-møde med Nikon” translates into “Welcome to a lunch-meeting with Nikon”.

    • Ron Adair

      They misspelled launch?

      • Ole

        No, fortunately not. “Frokost” in Danish means “lunch”

        • Fredrik

          Isnt Frokost – Breakfast?

          • NisseHult

            In Swedish Yes, Danish No….

  • Vladi

    Lunch meeting? They better serve some evil cakes and coffee then.

    • Kon_head

      No, just danish & coffee.. lol

  • DFive

    24th = 24 Mega Pixels :)

    • The invisible man

      good point !

      • vesilvio

        good idea but…

        what will be the date when they announce DSLR sensors > 31mp ? :) :)

        • The invisible man

          Mars have more days in a month than earth, by the time Nikon get a +31MP sensor, it will be common to make press annoucements on Mars !

        • Wilson Ng

          The announcement will have to be moved to the following month by counting! hehehe

    • dgs

      can’t we wait for the 31st then?

  • Carsten Thomsen

    The text is generic Nikon corporate stuff. The invitation states that it is personal and confidential, and must not be published or passed onto others.

    • Ric


    • Thom Hogan

      That’s a bit like putting “confidential and not to be published” at the end your emails. Historically, communications using public channels (mail, and now Internet) can’t be gamed with one-sided agreements like that. Courts in the US have been overturning this on a regular basis for years, though I have to admit I don’t know European law deals with it.

      Moreover, there’s additional protections that come into play if you’re regarded as a news organization (one reason why this site should be called Nikon News and Rumors, not Nikon Rumors). If the NYT came across such a printed document, they’d have no qualms about reporting about it.

      Frankly, I don’t see the point of putting that “must not be published” bit on the invitation. The date is already well known, Nikon has historically had announcements in this time period, and the only actual piece of information that’s new is the location of this event.

      Think about it from the 21st century view of marketing. The only tangible thing someone could act upon seeing that invitation would be to show up outside that restaurant at the given date and time without an invitation. But if a crowd of 200 non-invited folk showed up, that would be not much more than the lines that form at Apple stores on announce/launch days, which get reported as news locally and nationally, and which just form a reinforcement of the actual marketing (“it’s so good people are lining up for it.”).

      The funny thing is that companies hire people and pay them to waste time on such little clauses, when they’re rarely needed in the first place.

      • [NR] admin

        I actually changed to Leica News & Rumors years ago, I just don’t have the balls to change NikonRumors. Ah, what the hell, I will change it now :)

        • LGO

          So it is no longer NR but NNR. Hmmm … I have to get use to the sound of that.

          • [NR] admin

            I am just testing to see what feedback I will get

            • MRPhotoau

              I think it an alright idea Peter. Just as long as you keep the same URL. And links. Just change the title at the top of the page.

            • Gene

              Just add a tag-line,… your source of news & rumors. Don’t screw with your brand. And go buy the other URL.

            • DX2FX

              With Nikon so tight lip about its upcoming products nowadays, NR would have more news than rumors to post.. haha.

        • Just A Thought

          Another side benefit of a “News” or5ganization is that they (often) do not need a model release if an individual is in a photo which accompanies a posted “news” article. I believe “news” orgs can also display trademarks in photos without written permission to do so. I’m actually surprised that none of the “Rumors” sites have received any Cease and Desist letters about unauthorized use of Trademarks etc. This msg is being posted for entertainment purposes only and is NOT meant as Legal advice. Always confirm the legality of any action with your own Lawyer.

          • [NR] admin

            The question is what makes a website a “news” organization. Just mentioning the word “news” in the name is probably not sufficient.
   got a cease and desist letter few years ago because they were using the canon logo on the main page. Ultimately I think the court has to decide if a company can shut down a website. has been online for over 10 years and we are talking about Apple here…

            • xaphod

              I think the ” | Nikon News & Rumors” that you changed the title to makes perfect sense, because you don’t just post rumors, you also post news like official nikon press releases, 3rd party press releases etc. So now the name is just closer to what the site actually does.

              I like this site a lot, please keep it up!

            • Elton Saulsberry

              The right to publish is a civil right that applies to everyone. Neither “the press”, reporters, or corporations who’s product is publishing have any special rights. The rights they like to exercise come from their protections under the constitution as individuals. Now, an organization someone like Nikon chooses to accredit may get special privileges from Nikon, but your right to publish belongs to everyone.

            • [NR] admin

              I think the question if a blog can be considered as a news organization came up last year when Gizmodo published the pictures of the iPhone 4. I will try to find the artciel. Anyway, there were cleared of any wrong doing.

          • Jim stewart

            Copyright law varies from country to country and is genally poorly understood. Editorial use in the UK applies to all photographers regardless of whether they work for a paper or not. If i take a photo of someone, I can publish that photograph in a editorial context without their permission. That basically allows you to post model photographs on your website etc but you couldn’t make a poster with them.
            There are some special paper allowances but i dont think you are refering to these. Within 24 or 48hrs (i forget which) i believe that papers can grab stills from TV and use them without seeking permission.
            Lots of countries are more restrictive

  • Ric

    NX3 Launch!

    • dude

      I lol’ed

      • alvix

        me too..but +1 ..! :)

  • Joe Bodego

    There would be NO DSLR announcement soon guys.

    • ja

      if no dslr’s are annouced then whats all the hype been about , 6months of hype for a coulpe of P&S cameras , i just dont believe it, surely something big is coming from nikon like the 2 FF cameras which is the D4 – D4x 24mp – 36mp
      and maybe the D400 24mp

  • Bernardo Vaghi

    D800/900 it´s a dream, maybe next week.

    Let´s see the Nikon next move.

  • Userbeans

    Well it’s lunch meeting at a somewhat mid-range restaurant, not a really big fancy place. Restaurant VIVA is a old rusty boat, now positioned at the outer peers in Copenhagen, and turned into a restaurant about 5 years ago, crummy, but charming, but the rooms are smaller in size…
    – If we were to expect a really big announcement from Nikon, celebrating something groundbreaking (such as new FX-SLRs) they would probably have gone for something a little more exclusive I would think ..

    • Johan


      As a dane myself I can’t really find anything interesting about this invitation.

      However, they are mentioning the words “exclusive preview” and “this message is very confidential”, so it seems like something. How much? Probably not a new DSLR, but let’s wait and see.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Denmark is a beautiful country and København one of my favorite cities in europe. But lets not forget that a population of just 5,5 MP (Mega People living in Denmark) means a limited number of journalist, no matter whatever Nikon is going to announce. I am afraid this invitation doesn’t tell us anything about what’s coming.

    • JeroenW

      I doubt that. Nikon hardly ever gets more than 50 people into these events.

      Also, for any hopefuls hoping to sneak entry. IF it’s not RSVP then they will someone with a list of people they invited at the door.

  • Steven

    Find it funny that the last part of the left collum text says:

    NB: This invitation is personaland confidential and may not be disclosed or published.

    i guys some invitee couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and i thank him.

    i’m gonna try to gatecrash

  • The invisible man

    Japan just re-started one of the damaged nuclear reactors today.
    Now that Nikon’s factories have electricity back, they will be able to finish packing the D900 and D4.

    • ME

      FORGET ABOUT D4 any rumors about D5 ?

    • Patros

      … but the are produced in Malaysia… 😉

      • The invisible man

        Not the pro bodies and pro lenses, all made in Japan (until now ?)

  • The Bear Jew

    Wow, the VIVA Restaurant in Kopenhagen.
    How EVIL can one be!

    • Anonymous

      Because it is a boat-restaurant, does that mean a waterproof camera announcement? :)

      • [NR] admin

        lol, yes in fact they will announce a new waterproof camera, see my latest post

        • Ken Elliott

          It would be funny if a diver appear from the water, bringing the new camera aboard.

          • Just A Thought

            Ahhh, you spoiled the surprise….

    • broxibear

      Here’s the place in question
      They’ve got a yacht called Moby Dick.

      • The Bear Jew

        That’s some impressive googling over here.
        From: :

        “We can shape an event after your desire.”

        Tell me your desire and I’ll tell you mine. -)

  • Chuck

    No D4 D800 or other DSLR, to close without a leak from someone in the know. Or the best kept secret. What do people think Nikon is, APPLE?

  • ja

    thats the thing there is no leaks and only 1 week to go? why be so tight lipped unless its so good that they nikon dont want any of there reveals to get a sniff of what it is that nikon is going to unleash upon the world.
    i myself well be very disapointed if its P&S’s i’ll go to the mountains and live on my own

    • The invisible man

      Why don’t you jump in the Niagara falls like that Japanese girl did Tuesday ?

      • ja

        cos i dont live in melt down america,and it was a joke a bit like ur posts in regards to the D900

  • Dazed & Confused

    I think people are making a mistake by saying this is all too big to be ‘just’ for mirrorless.

    The mirrorless marked has exploded out of nowhere, and is growing like mad. For Nikon, the launch of a whole new mirrorless system is far bigger than one or 2 DSLR models, FF or otherwise.

    I’m not saying the DSLRs aren’t coming on the 24th, just that if you’re not a Nikon-head, all new mirrorless is bigger than an FF update, and Nikon will target their marketing accordingly.

    • DX2FX

      Speaking of market, but how many will dash out for a 1st Nikon mirrorless model compared to those who are waiting to buy a D4/D800/D400 ?

      • Dazed & Confused

        While the first EVIL model probably won’t outsell those 3 DSLRs combined, you must realise that Nikon is releasing a system, not just one model – and that when a couple more models arrive, that system has the potential to dwarf sales of all the F-mount cameras.

        In 2010 Sony overtook Nikon in sales of interchangeable lens cameras – almost entirely down to the NEX line. (i.e. Sony’s poorly selling DSLRs + their NEX cameras are outselling every single Nikon DSLR combined.)

        People don’t realise that forums like this give a massively skewed view of the market. The people on here demanding a D4 are massively outnumbered by the average EVIL buyer, who won’t ever go near a forum.

        Look a DPReview. The DSLR forums are way busier than the compact forums – but more compacts sell than DSLRs by a very long way.

        • Dazed & Confused

          Sorry – forgot to add – this is based on UK statistics. Not sure about worldwide. But hopefully it illustrates the point.

  • Robert Sandström

    They say it’s for private invations only and there will be some “exclusive preview”.

    • Just A Thought

      If you want to make a big splash then you make a open invitation to all sort of media and as many Financial Analysts as possible. You rent a large room or two or three in a Hotel or conference center. You make your presentation to as many news media people as possible. Then you lead them into the other rooms to see and handle your newly announced goods. As they leave they get their goody bag with media kit. Just look back at what Apple does with their new product announcments as a good example of how it’s done.

      You do no setup a luncheon meeting in a comparatively small boat restaurant for a limited few. You want world wide exposure which you would not get from some “exclusive preview”.

      In my opinion, the Denmark thing sounds more like a thank you lunch for local or regional dealers, instead of a major world wide new product announcement….

  • rhlpetrus

    So people think that a new IL system (I’ll call it MX) is not something big enough, first new IL mount/system from Nikon (and third overall) since the F was introduced 50+ years ago?

    I think it is, and my guess is that it is just that, the mirrorless MX system and maybe a few coolpixes. DSLRs, whatever comes, will arrive in September, like they have in the past (D7k last year).

  • peter

    it says:

    “Free beer for all who attend and podium girls are always welcome”

    • The invisible man

      what about some canabis ?

      • Ke

        Denmark =! Holland.

        • manarianz5

          harold and kumar are still there?? lol…

  • Mr Rogers

    It says that the first rule of nikon releases is you dont speak about nikon releases. The second rule of nikon releases is you DONT SPEAK ABOUT NIKON RELEASES! DUH!

  • Bernardo Vaghi

    I’m now at Nikon booth in photo image Brazil 2011 and talked to
    Michael Corrado senior product manager from Nikon USA. He said he can’t speak about anything : ” If i tell you to be excited you can be disapointed, If i tell you to not wait you may be surprised ” Nikon words.

    • Anonymous

      What did he actually mean? That’s like interpreting Nostradamus’ revelations :)

      Maybe the dSLR are not coming next week, but they could be not too far away though. An autumn announcement instead.

      • nobody

        Eventually Nikon wants our money…

        So they will deliver what we want some day…

  • Full Frame Fan

    A two hour lunch presentation. Hard to imagine they would get more than one hour to actually present products. This sounds like Mirrorless + Coolpix. That wouldn’t leave any time to introduce groundbreaking FX cameras.

  • the_raze

    I translated the entire text:

    Welcome to a Nikon “lunch meeting”.

    Nikon invites to a meeting with exclusive beforehand showing.
    It all will take place in the resturant “VIVA” wednesday the 24th of august.

    A “light” lunch will be served.

    Signup before monday the 22nd of august.

    Note: This invitation is personal and confidential and can not be passed on or publiced.

    On behalf of Nikon.


    Nikon was founded in Japan in 1917, and quickly established a reputation as a pioneer in the field of optic precision equipment.

    The company is among other things, characterized by continuous growth and immense knowhow, and offers a great selection of products, from the well known photography equipment for private costumors and professional photographers, to industrial precision products like steppers etc.

    Nikon Denmark offers a wide variety of optic precision equipment, which other than the DSLR cameras for private and professional use, also consists of Nikkor lenses, flash and system accessories, digital compact lenses i the Nikon Coolpix series, software programs and Nikon sports-optic-products.

    All Nikon cameras offers advanced functions, which makes it easy to take great pictures.

    Additional information regarding Nikons products is found at

  • Sergio

    As a person who has been needing an upgrade for a long time, this tight-lip policy from Nikon has not helped my future purchase planning. In fact it has down right pissed me off.

  • [NR] admin

    here is the full translation:

    Welcome to a Nikon “lunch meeting”.

    Nikon invites to a meeting with exclusive beforehand showing.
    It all will take place in the resturant “VIVA” wednesday the 24th of august.

    A “light” lunch will be served.

    Signup before monday the 22nd of august.

    Note: This invitation is personal and confidential and can not be passed on or publiced.

    On behalf of Nikon.


    Nikon was founded in Japan in 1917, and quickly established a reputation as a pioneer in the field of optic precision equipment.

    The company is among other things, characterized by continuous growth and immense knowhow, and offers a great selection of products, from the well known photography equipment for private costumors and professional photographers, to industrial precision products like steppers etc.

    Nikon Denmark offers a wide variety of optic precision equipment, which other than the DSLR cameras for private and professional use, also consists of Nikkor lenses, flash and system accessories, digital compact lenses i the Nikon Coolpix series, software programs and Nikon sports-optic-products.

    All Nikon cameras offers advanced functions, which makes it easy to take great pictures.

    Additional information regarding Nikons products is found at

  • Maddog

    A masterful bit of marketing on Nikon’s part I think. Look how worked up everybody is getting about the launch. If you all knew exactly what was coming like usual you wouldn’t be paying that much attention…

  • JonMcG

    I think it’s worth noting here that as time goes on it seems more & more likely the mirrorless camera is going to be announcement. Frankly, at this point, if it weren’t I be very surprised.

    I also think Nikon could easily be putting all of this together for Mirrorless only. However, the fact remains that stocks of D700 around the world are almost non-existent and we are within a reliable time frame on when we could expect that camera to be replaced. It may very well be that we see mirrorless this month, and an FX body(ies) next month however seeing them announce a body next week still seems plausible..

  • Brock Kentwell

    A Møøse once bit my sister

  • NH

    I spoke to a swedish reseller and he told me he had recieved information about a release on 25th of aug. But he did not have any information if it was fx, dx, mirrorless or anything else. He seemed a bit surprised that he still did not no what to expect.

  • Marklf

    I was in Calumet today and asked if we’d see a new Nikon FX next week and the guy said it’s possible. But what does he know!

  • 120-300 F2:8 OS

    Cool down guys only one week left

  • Adrian Oprea

    They’re coming, they’re coming!

  • MarkR

    A Nikon competitor to the GoPro is a good idea and something very useful. That would be good for them to have in their camera fleet.

  • gnohz

    It’s quite amazing how there’s not much confirmed information even 6 days before the announcement! 😮

  • Gandalf

    I would love if they came up with a D3x in a D700 package with easy acces to live view, with dust removal and I also like the little pop up-flash, – very handy sometimes, when you do not want to unpack the big ones.

    Video is not my concern, but I think every new camera also will include this today.

  • Griswold

    Hang in there, peeps!

  • Oliver


    So im a photo-dealer from Denmark, and we usually hear about these kind of events pretty much as soon as they are scheduled – IF is regarding consumer products such as would be relevant to us. Last time – when the D7000 was announced, we got a message from a guy (not mentioning any names) telling us, that there was going to be an event and it would be regarding the “new nikon D90 replacement”. This time however, I cant fin any information about this “event” – also, contacting my sources at Nikon Denmark Pro division, hasn’t payed off… So in conclusion, I dont know nothing 😉 but it’s sure to be epic!


  • Ole

    In less than one week we will know a lot more. I am still excited, although Leica may be the future road for me – Leica for portraiture and the like, and Nikon for the rest.

    I’m so excited – I just can’t hide it…

  • inrusa

    This letter is not real, guys look at the style, its a 3rd class photoshop, The right side logo and text is real but somebody just pasted those there.
    I am also in the same boat with you guys, oh my 24th, come faster

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