Weekly Nikon news flash #107

Nikon fisheye 8mm f/8 lens (€999):

Nikon MF-24 250 exposure camera back ($1,999.99):

  • Nikon ME-1 microphone already shipping in Japan  (unboxing video).
  • Different Nikon D7000 serial stickers? Maybe indication for grey market products? See this forum thread.

"It has come to our attention that a batch of D5100 cameras have been shipped with battery charger power plugs suitable only for European sockets. If you have bought a camera with a European plug you can claim a UK plug for your charger direct via Nikon’s support centre, on 0330 123 0932 from Tuesday 26th April 2011.  Alternatively, you can also contact your retailer. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."
  • Nikon D5100 digitutor video now online:

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  • Kimaze


    • http://haroldellis4444@gmail.com Harold Ellis

      the chart of flicker cameras is exactly reason why flickr going down.
      as sharp as number of iphone pics go up

  • Catalin Sandu

    If the shipping for that rare lens were free, I would buy it.

    • Global


  • ChrisAstro

    Please show the news about NASA using the Nikon 10.5mm for STS-134!:)

  • mattan

    hi there admin, the fisheye is an f/8, not f/2.8… just thought that i might point it out.

  • Ronan

    Arthur Edwards (the Royal Photographer) shoots Canon… why would Nikon go chat him up xD

  • Global

    “Three rare Nikon items on eBay: Nikon Ai-S 13mm f/5,6 (price: $29,399)”

    So… they don’t suggest buying a 14-24/2.8 before this 13mm/5.6 destroyer of wallets?? 😛

    • Gerry

      I cant tell you how many times I have wanted the extra 1mm! the 30K sounds well worth the price to me. :)

      • http://www.fotogoud.nl Tharealmb

        buy the sigma 8-16 😛 they say it’s sharp edge to edge 😛 and much wider
        only DX though.

        • http://www.fotogoud.nl Tharealmb

          but even on DX its wider then full-frame is (8mm=12mm)

  • Mark H

    That’s FOUR MF-24 backs. Sorry about the shouting. Was the person sitting on them or just stumble on a store’s stockpile?

  • choiMatthew

    the number of the word “offline” in the Thai website is ridiculously funny with google translation

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