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Nikon Rumors giveaway #8

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Update: the giveaway is now closed. The winners will be picked on the forum and I will announce them later on the blog.

In this giveaway you can win a Nikon D700 or a Nikon D3s/D3x book by David Busch (bibliography). The rules are again simple – just leave a comment to this blog post indicating which book are you interested in. One entry per person, one book selection per person (if you have both cameras, I assume you don't need a book). I will close all comments next week and one of the NR forum moderators will randomly pick the winners. I still don’t believe in “US only” giveaways and will ship this book anywhere in the world. Make sure you enter a valid email address.

Fine print: The contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. NikonRumors.com is not responsible for anything.

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  • Schmidty

    D700 please. Thanks for the entry.

  • Tai chau

    The D700 book thanks

  • gho57


    Let the dice rolls on me pls..

    Nikon D3s/D3x please


  • Rick

    D700, please! Thank you!

  • Ricardson Williams

    D700 please!!!

  • Peter G

    Would love a copy of the D3 / D3X book. I am in Australia , BTW

  • Erik

    9th of May is my birthday. I would love the D700 book to help me getting the most out of my camera.

  • http://www.myking76.com Mike

    D700 please!!!!

  • Andrew

    Would like the D700 book.
    Want to learn to squeeze every options and capability of the camera.

  • Richard

    Does the D700 come with it as a visual aid? (Just kidding!)

  • Shuna

    I would love to have the Nikon D700 book please!! :]

  • Per

    The D700 book would be great to have.


  • http://www.jesusenguatemala.com William Santos

    Please send to CentralAmercia :)

    Nikon D700 X

  • Saad Sarfraz

    The D700 book would be amazing…

  • akim_hobo

    D700 book please!

  • James

    The D700 book would be my preference, but hurry while they are still around!

  • Addison

    D3s Book por favor

  • http://www.bluecastleblog.com Oregon Wedding Photo

    I would love to win the D700 book. Thanks!!

  • http://picapal.com Adam Panek

    Cant afford any of them cameras, I would like have the Nikon D3s/D3x book by David Busch.

  • Dave B

    I would sure dig the D700 book

  • Shaker

    I liked the D700 book because D3x is too far far away for me to play

  • http://www.burcuustuner.com Koray Ustuner

    Thanks in advance for D700 book :)

  • uri

    c’mon nikon romour, no books any more. i need a camera! are u kidding me?

  • Patrick Lee

    D700 please !

    Should I get picked, THANKS !

  • jaba

    This time is my turn.

  • Carl

    D700 book would be great
    Thank you

  • jjolddahgoo

    I wouldn’t mind a D3s book.

  • http://www.fotografmesteren.no Hans E Johannessen

    Would be nice to get to know all the stuff about my D700

    Hans Einar

  • http://www.fotograf-in-frankfurt.de Michael Kleinespel

    I own the D700 and it’s a great camera. Since I don’t have a book about it, please count me in!

    Regards, Michael

  • http://www.valleyshots.com Kirk C

    The D700 book please, thanks in Yakima, Wa

  • http://www.wix.com/jessicamanheim/Jess-Portfolio Jessica

    If I win the D3s/D3x book(if you own this camera, its not like you need a book as you probably already know everything), I would sell it and buy a D300s book seeing as i just got my D300s in the mail this week!! So excited. Although, I have probably discovered 90% of its features so far…

  • http://www.wix.com/jessicamanheim/Jess-Portfolio Jessica

    A D3x/3s book so i can sell it and buy a d300s book!

  • Stavros

    I would like the D700 book.

  • eugene

    ds3 book!

  • http://yuchie.ya.ru Vyacheslav

    Hello! I’m interesting in D700 book :)

  • Philippe

    D3s is on my wish list and I would be pleased to learn more about this great D3s by reading this book. It will be ag reat start and help me a lot.

    Thanks a lot

    Philippe from FRANCE


    i’m interested in D3s/D3x book, thanks.

  • Clark


    I am so close to switching from a Canon to Nikon, I hope this book will do the last little trick.

  • JC


    Just got a D700 yesterday after being a longtime Canon user. What would be better than a good book to go with that? :)

  • GraffitiKnight

    I’d be happy with either book. I’m hoping to move to full-frame this year from my D90, and it would be nice to have something to cover the other differences.

  • http://photography.aarronpainter.com Aarron

    Greetings from New Zealand! D700 please!

  • EC

    Another thoughtful giveaway. Thanks.

  • The invisible child

    The D3s/D3x Book would be appreciated

  • http://www.cabophoto.com/ Carsten Bockermann

    I’d love to get the D3S/D3x book.

  • http://www.continuumphotography.com Josh Mitchell

    The D3 book please!

  • PascalH

    D700 book would be of great help ;o)

  • http://followfollow.blogspot.com Mariano

    Hi there! the Nikon D3s book can be really handy for me!



  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/grovlam Grovlam

    I would LOVE to have the D3s/D3x to see what I am missing and maybe get inspired to build up the cash to actually buy the D3s….he he….on second thoughts maybe you shouldn’t let me win this :-D

  • http://spiicytuna.com Jonn

    Just recently got the D700. The D700 Book would be a great addition!

  • http://unpaidphotography.blogspot.com/ ys

    D700 book for me!

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