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Nikon EVIL camera LCD screen leaked

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  • full frame freddie

    April fools??

    • jason

      ye D5

      • jason

        april fools another here the D800

    • NO JOKE ! ! !

      This is what you get right now, if you try to visit http://www.nikon.de:

      “No suitable nodes are available to serve your request.”

      I’ve checked on french and danish Nikon-homepage: exactly the same.
      It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it looks as if half of the european sides are down.

      • UPDATE ! ! !


        apparently just temporary probs with their server. All accessible again.
        Nothing new at all. Would have been just to good.

  • Mathew

    Had to use the photo with the dog penis didn’t you?

    • Highlight

      IKEA Dog?

  • Photogradstudent

    Is it APril 1st already?

    • Global Guy

      Ahahaha… okay, i admit it. I fell for it! :-P

      I was “wow, that’s a lot of stupid side options…. is this for little kids.”

      D’oh. :-P

  • Valadice

    lol at the details. go back to school before even touching this camera. hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    what the

  • Anonymous

    april fools haha :)

  • Duhhh


  • Joe

    so glad that was a fake. i saw that in the NR widget and thought “well, that just made Canon a fortune.”

  • Alex

    Nobody is gullible this year.

  • dude

    iso 102,400, 24Megapixel please

  • Brush


  • Tim

    Love the dog detection mode. Not fooling anyone!!!

  • http://www.kevincozma.com Kevin

    Who are the grumps that didn’t like this post?


  • Bernard

    Very good joke ! Well done !!!

  • eru

    April fould would be a D900 screen , who the hell bothers about an EVIL

  • idunno

    whats with the ambulance? :P

    • Anonymous

      I think that’s 365 days to the next scheduled service.

  • Alain2x

    Nice joke, folks :)

  • LOL


  • JPIX

    Thats a good one :)

  • woble

    But of course, Nikon will definitely use Dingbats font for their next camera.

  • http://www.cesarkoot.nl Cesar

    Ok, that’s it! I’m going over to Canon!

  • jim

    Haha.. Nikon’s latest puppy huh?

  • David

    Fujifilm site actually has photos of dog and cat breeds that their cameras will detect!!! http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/pet/index.html

    • Discontinued

      nice finding ! And even real ! ! “Dog Types Recommended for Detection” … LOL. OMG, this will be the death of me ! ! !

      Who needs satire when the real world again and again gets far beyond imagination.

      There is an auto-pet-detection-recommendation out there, making people worry, if they have chosen to own the right and dog or cat. This is just too good.

      Thanx David,
      I strongly recommend everyone here to follow your link and to see for themself.

  • Andrew

    It has begun

  • http://www.danielcanoott.com Daniel

    1st of April!

  • John Who

    Now I know why it took them so long to develop this cam. It is extremly ambitious to implement a digital “over smile” detection, even Commander Data from Star trek was not able to reconize the human mimics correctly. Well done Nikon ;-)

    The take another shot recommendation is great. Will need a whole bunch of patents… Canon wil go broke

  • http://www.jayceooi.com Jayce

    Yeah… Happy April Fool. :)

  • The invisible man


  • David

    Darn, this camera won’t work at all for me! I was hoping for an auto-detect-iguana mode, not an auto-detect-dog mode. Useless!!! :-) (I like the creativity of the person that mocked this up).

    • The invisible man

      You can’t do it with an Iguana because it’s green, and the auto-detection is based on the 3 primary colors values (RGB), if you have to much red, blue or green it won’t work, unless you use the new 3 sensors DSLR Nikon.

  • mike blala

    I just got the nws that Nikon will bring a D700 1/2 with 35 mp, built-in anti-shock system, the best lenses available on this planet (former Leica), and the most amazing thing: an affordable price tag (or was it Canon?)

  • Josen

    Happy April FOOOOOOOOL’s Day~!!!

  • Chris P

    NICE ONE! Been even better if it had been an Easter bunny rabbit instead of the puppy.

    • The invisible man

      would have been too obvious.

  • Ren Kockwell

    A better April Fool shock would have been for Nikon to actually have released a DSLR that wasn’t 12MP. Now that would have fooled everyone…

    • The invisible man

      It’s April Fool not Christmas.

  • false

    it is ridiculous!!

    • The invisible man

      Take a break, it’s April 1st :o

  • huggs

    In the age of flashy UIs, that screen looks boring at best.

  • http://www.jimgamblin.com Jim Gamblin

    “I hope that we don’t ever see the day when a ready-made photo system, which guarantees good photographic compositions in advance, goes on the market.”
    -Henri Cartier-Bresson

  • andy

    too much
    not smiling


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