Nikon D3 will get a firmware upgrade as well

This rumor is brought to you by... Nikon. Just check this Nikon D3x site:

The above mentioned levels were not part of the last D3 firmware update.

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  • [NR] admin

    The virtual horizon was already included in the last update (v2.0) – I changed the post.

  • torax

    So we can suppose that D3 gets the auto ADL as seen in D700 and Extra high as seen in D3X. Will D700 get extra high?

    And what about electronic virtual horizon, what’s the new thing about that. A fix? or a new feature?

    • torax

      Hmm, so the virtual horizon thingy disappeared…

      • [NR] admin

        Yes, I just realized that they included it already in their last update v.2.0. My bad…

  • Orik13

    It seems they refer to already released D3 firmware v2.0.0.
    At least I failed to find anything new here.

  • Pablov

    is the D3 featuring Virtual Horizon at this moment? (wheter buying it new or via firmware update) could you please tell me the exact link refering to it?
    Thanks ! :)

  • George

    How about the D300? we need extra high as well.

  • ant

    D3’s virtual horizon feature is not available under the liveview mode even with the 2.0 update.

  • arthur

    Hi All,

    Once i updated the firmware on the D2hs but i can’t remember how,so can you help me out how to do it on the D700?

    Regards arthur

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