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Pentax may be entering the medium format digital camera market

Pentax filed a patent for a "relay finder optical system, of a single-lens reflex camera". I know it is not Nikon, but this means that the idea of a Nikon medium format digital camera is a realistic possibility. More info on Nikon MX can be found here.

Via PhotographyBay

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  • st

    Pentax had a long history of MF film cameras. Nikon’s history includes only MF lenses for camera’s marketed by other companies, principally, Bronica.

  • Zoetmb

    A patent does not mean a company has decided to produce a product based on that patent. Millions of patents are filed every year by big companies that don’t result in products. The patent is a defense in case they do want to produce a product or it provides a way to collect royalties from a company that does produce such a product, which sometimes will produce more revenue than producing the product themselves.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      you are correct – maybe I just go too excited – will change the post

  • Red Leader

    Pentax Users are like those Religious Mac users. I hope they are happy about this.

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