Capture NX2 Photo Editing Software for $99.99

More Nikon rebates started to pop-up:

Capture NX2 Photo Editing Software for $99.99 after $80 Instant savings (Instant Nikon rebate) - with Nikon DSLR camera purchase! Here is the link.

Ritz has already posted the $300 instant rebate (they call it "Nikon Bonus Sale") for D300 and D700.

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  • Anonymous

    Is it really a sale when the cost of the camera and lens after rebate at Ritz still costs more than B and H’s regular price?

  • Cliff

    They raised the “regular” price so that the after rebate is the same price now. They list the D700 as “regularly $2999.99”, but right before this $300 rebate it was listed only as $2789.99 (wrote it down shopping around this past week)

  • d23

    I just bought a new d300 from an authorized nikon dealer on eBay for 1295.99 after live cashback. Ritz’s rebate doesn’t sound like a good deal at all.

  • faterikcartman

    My wife called about this and Ritz went back and forth, four supervisors, an internal check with their customer service department, and then a call back upon which they told her the promotion is a mistake, will not be honoured, and will be taken down. We’ll see what happens, but this story is 100% true and the phone calls took place within the last hour.

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