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New Nikon ad from Japan (updated)

Update: the ad says "Big" in Japanese. My first D700 picture was... weird and I updated it. I will create a different post for that story.
Is it just me again, or this mount looks to big? Can anyone translate the text?
My observation is that the red grip and the mount are different from the current full frame Nikon D700 and D3 models:
What say you?
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  • nikon user

    Your D700 photo is not a real D700. Look at the rubber cover.

  • j

    a micro 4thirds killer?
    nice idea.
    not really big though, when the “big” campain started with the wedding & portrait crowd…

  • Archer

    Even the D700 shown above is not exactly the real thing. Observe the knobs to the left of pentaprism and those rubber covers on the right side for the sync terminals, on the production D700 it’s not arranged as such.

  • Ernst

    The missing bayonet cam is weird.

    If Nikon were switching to two cams, you think they’d put them on opposite sides of the mount. For example, from 12:00 to 2:00 and 6:00 to 8:00, instead of the pictured 12:00 to 2:00 and 4:00 to 6:00.

    If you’re going to fake something, though, why go to extra effort to make it seem fake?

  • http://micahmedia.com Micah

    No, your teapot analogy is spot on! What happens when you try to pour the last bit with only one hand? Falling off if you tip too far one direction is hardly acceptable behaviour for what would likely be expensive glass.

  • http://micahmedia.com Micah

    While the people above seem to think that this means there is no mirror, they fail to notice something else missing: a shutter.

    Methinks this is just somebody bored having fun at this site’s expense.

  • Nick Korr

    It looks D40-size (or even smaller) cam with full-size sensor to me. Calling the smallest camera as “oh-key(big)” because of its sensor size seems much more interesting than just calling big one as “Big”.

  • Rui

    Actually, it is Japanese.
    The chinese guy leak out rumors but no one believe him…
    So he leaked the brochure…..

  • http://www.canikon.de Mark

    Hi, I just forwarded the picture to a japanese friend. She stated that the text means “big” “huge” “tall” – now guess what…

  • Blog Admin

    just email them to me – I will post the pictures

  • RajahX

    How about we simplify a few things? No MX, no huge sensor. This is a FX-format rangefinder style camera without mirror and motor drive. This is also why they released a 50mm 1.4 afs this month! If this is the same sensor as that in D3/D700 I am putting myself on whatever waiting list exists.

  • RajahX

    And one more thing. The layout of the front esp. the part where the mount goes higher than the swoosh is very much like the D60 front.

  • StephD

    I’m saying fake. What sense would there be in an ad that hides the camera and reveals the flange + sensor? It makes no marketing sense at all, except as a troll to create excitement in this forum.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/friedtoast/ Fried Toast

    そうおもう! I think this is it. Just a bad PS job w/ someone who thought that copying “BIG” (in Japanese) from Yakugo.com would be enough to get everyone lathered up. Well, ev’one’s lathered up, but I’m not buying it. I’ve only been here 6+ yrs, so I’m not exactly an expert, but I’ll have to say that it doesn’t convince me.

  • Bruno

    small body full frame? a full frame rangefinder???

    but what IS strange is that grip. the red triangle doesn’t mach with any current grip model. The D40 looks most like it, but still different. and that front command dial???

    and most of all, no focus motor??

  • Ivan

    I just noticed a small detail. The mount has 8 contact points, whereas current mounts (at least in my D80 and F55) have 7.

    New electronic aperture system maybe? To make up for the lack of the aforementioned lever.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, disregard my comment, I just realized that the D700 and D3 both have 8 contact points too.

  • tai

    I’m a halfie (or double, as is now vogue to say in japan for us) and grew up in the states so my japanese isn’t perfect, but that was my first thought, as well. Maybe not impossible, but odd.

  • Pauk

    I had a desktop wallpaper that Nikon released just after announcing the D200, and its an almost identical shot. There are also brochured for the F5 system using a similar technique. it’s just a marketing cliche.

  • Anonymous

    The new pic does not match with the “Nikon MX picture (warning: tiny picture)” of 28th of september… One of the two is a fake if they are both related to “MX” format

  • http://www.dbphotographic.co.uk Dan Bills

    Sorry if this has been said before.

    I think this is the promo for Nikon’s new MX format camera that is going to be unveiled at WPPI 2009!

    The reason why I think this is because I stumbled upon this article: http://20years.net/blogg/?p=439

    The whole “BIG” thing fits in aswel as the rumours about it being released at WPPI and the date of release.


  • Kuri

    This is definitely a fake because:
    - The registration marks do not lign up correctly.
    - On the bottom right of the pic the registration marks even cross the crop marks. Very sloppy.
    - Nikon Logo looks fuzzy and blurred, most likely because a low resolution website logo was used to make this ‘ad’ and then may have bled while being printed on the cheap inkjet/laserprint made that is supposed to be a ‘proof’.
    - Japanese prepress settings normally include ‘double’ crop marks, indicating both bleed and crop areas.
    - No page information (not even a file name) in the slug area. Sloppy.
    - Colour bar on the left should generally be a solid ‘overprint’ bar
    In short, looks like someone did a sloppy Photoshop job, then probably imported it into Illustrator (I’d guess v10) and printed it out and took a picture of it. Or took parts of a picture of a proof and photoshopped them around this ‘creation’, resulting in the silly alignment?
    Either way, must try harder.

  • Joe (Cameron’s brother)

    This camera doesn’t exist, have a nice day.

  • Blog Admin

    How do you know, brother of Cameron?

  • denz

    I would say maybe.

    Considering the talk of Nikon producing a new rangefinder.

    Also I would not expect the image to look perfect since this is not “official info from Nikon.

  • Anonymous

    I could be wrong, but this camera has a mirror in it. Rangefinders, correct me if I’m wrong, don’t have mirrors.

  • denz

    True, missed that, either way with all the talk of a D3X or D4 or whatever, it could be something.

  • Martin

    That’s not the only thing wrong with the mount. If you look closely you can see a meter coupling lever, just like the one on the D3, D700 and F6 for that matter.

    I wouldn’t expect a meter coupling lever on a camera without aperture coupling lever, because the mount would most likely be completely electric (just like the Canon EF is).
    At least I would expect that, since Nikon would most certainly do a complete redesign of the lens mount.

    I think it’s photoshopped, and not very good at that.


  • Ernst

    It may well be fake, but not for any of those reasons. The layout of printers’ marks varies; to suggest that there’s a rigid worldwide standard is just wrong. The marks look fine — and actually, the fact that the background bleeds past the crop marks indicates that whoever did this wasn’t a complete rank amateur.

    The Nikon logo is fuzzy because the whole image is fuzzy.

  • Ernst

    The same way he knew that the new 50mm had no rubber seal (it does) and that the optical design was identical to the old 50mm (it isn’t).

  • MarkDphotoguy

    My 24mm PC-E is good even when shifted to the max (read: Would be fine on a larger sensor), little bit of light falloff though, easily fixed in PP.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Might not be a mirror, but the sensor itself (shutter open). Clean your sensor in good lighting and sensors can have a very similar shine to it. Not saying it isn’t a mirror though, just that it could also be the sensor.

  • Martin

    I’d like to add another thing: There’s another clue, which makes me believe it is photoshopped.
    The mount looks exactly like the one in the picture of the D3 (except of course the aperture coupling lever and the autofocus drive shaft). The shadow thrown by the lens release pin is exactly the same, and the tiny shadow of the meter coupling lever is exactly the same.
    If you erase the aperture coupling lever and the autofocus shaft, you’d get exactly the mount above. And if the erasing isn’t done carefully, you’d lose the lug on this side as well.

  • MattiasK

    One thing which is worth thinking of is the combination of the word “Big” and the choice of picture to it. I mean, Its kind of striking that they only show the sensor and little else of the camera. If this is legit, it at least could hint that the major thing is the new sensor size and less regarding the camera body.

    But if its the sensor that they will reveal, why the wide format. It doesn’t make sense with all the previous reports of a more square type sensor.

    unless its the mirror they show, of which not all of it will be seen in the viewfinder.

    My 2 cents worth….

  • http://forum.funphoto.com.ua/topic270.html Rebel

    Thank you for the information!

  • MarkDphotoguy

    How do you clean your shutter? Hopefully not through the closed shutter.

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Agreed a third flange is needed. Could be that the 3rd flange is a locking pin that goes into a recess on the lens that we are just not seeing in this shot. Part of a new lock/unlock mechanism?
    If so why would the standard lock pin be there though?
    Hmmmm I’d say 40/60 shot of this being legit.

  • Bruno

    i think i’ve just busted this one..

    the D40 doesn’t have the focus motor, correct..

    ALTROUGH, the D40/D60 F mount uses SIX screws placed at 35, 93, 155, 212, 270, and 327 degree, with lens release at 0 degree.

    AAAND all the rest of nikon’s F mount cameras with the motor uses only 5 screws, placed at 50, 130, 212, 270, and 327 degree, with lens release at 0 degree. again..

    our image have this 5-screw scheme, but where is the focus drive??? why would nikon chance such a thing? for me, fake.

  • S H

    Could it be a D90 class FF camera without a focus drive?

    But why? The mount seems to come from a FF body. But the placement suggests a smaller camera and no focus drive. It could be a sub $1000 FF camera. The D90x or something.

    Personally I think busted.

  • Bill V.

    I noticed that the camera mount in the picture lacks a autofocus drive shaft (should be lower left) and aperture lever (should be left). I doubt that this is even a pro camera.

  • http://arata.tv/camera/ aratatv

    I think that expression to [大きい] looks childish for the camera of the professional medium format of this kind.

  • Blog Admin

    Remember the leaked D700 brochure – the English was horrible

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  • TJ

    i agree with you,
    this looks like D40 body with full frame sensor
    they already had the FX Pro and semi pro
    maybe they will sell FX DSLR for amateur too :)
    the lack of focusing screw & the distance from the metal mount to grip also justify this.

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