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Now I know why Canon likes more pixels

Not big enough for you? Check the D3 pixels comparison!

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  • jwylie

    Nice looking pair…

    …of cameras that is….

  • Pablov

    I still have a Coolpix 3200

    (did Nikon really use that ad ?? )

  • Pablov

    (mm, what a silly my question :( , I suppose they didn’t)

  • Blog Admin

    Probably in Europe, not sure.

  • Anonymous

    Hahah i like the 2100 girl :)

  • Aleksey

    When it come to what actually metters, bigger is not always better!

  • towert7

    I think that’s a step back for the womens movement!

  • Bryce

    Lol, we’re looking at some lens distortion I take it :-P

  • kaki

    i like 3100 girl better. she’ve got little more air. we all need air, you know.

  • kaki

    silicon=pixels. make sense to me!

  • George W. Bush

    Me too, I ***hate*** silicone even more than I hate excessive pixel counts

  • http://www.asjo.dk Aslak Johansen

    My thought as well.

  • Aleksey

    There is no such thing as too much porn, but the question is, do you watching it before, after or instead?
    My favorite way was “during”(back in the days). Now I’m more like “before” guy and sometimes “instead of” (sadly). I have 2mp at home and 10mp Nikon D40x. Need to upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    im more of “after” guy :D

    why upgrade? you want more mp? buy a coolscan 9000 and shoot some velvia or provia because im using nikon F and 50mm 1.4 and i can get like 60-80mp straight from high resolution scans :D

  • cv

    It looks like a French add to me

  • thedude

    It would be amusing if they were identical twins, gutted for the 2MP girl.

  • Watto

    I think I prefer 50 megapixel medium format. Each to his own.

  • yankos

    The “smart” thing about this ad is that she is THE SAME WOMAN. Not only that, but she’s photographed from the same side (either left or right – I say/hope the one on the right is the real one). The other side is mirrored and Photoshoped!

  • http://www.scottfillmer.com Scott Fillmer

    that is hilarious, now where is this new D4 or whatever, lets get a comparison with all three going :)

  • i-hate-sony

    well…. so nikon’s bra size is onli 32A… from d90 , d700, d3… (n those r from sony’s anyway…)

    i think nikon hav to beg sony for 34C

  • http://flyerist.com Flyerist

    I see some pincushioning…

  • Leo

    I wish they were overexposed. Canon 5D Mk II also has a nice set of megapixels.

  • http://www.pinetka.info Pine
  • Blog Admin

    This is hilarious – I will include a link to it…

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