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Something new from Nikon on August 28 (Switzerland)

This is a flier from a Swiss store FotoPro:
On the lower left cornet, in the red circle:
"Soeben erfahren: Es kommt noch eine weitere Top-Neuheit von Nikon. Infos ab 28. August 2008 in unseren Läden"
in English:
"Just heard: An additional top novelty from Nikon. Info from August 28 in our shops".
We received similar report form other authorized Nikon dealers (no scans yet).
Thanks D!
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  • Blog Admin

    Actually this was the original translation. I shouldn’t have changed it.

  • matt

    now we can be sure that the D90 will be anounced on 27th august!

  • janoz

    well, actually “soeben erfahren” means “just heard”, not “Experience also”
    please change that, it kinda bugs me!
    peace from austria!

  • Blog Admin

    We got over a dozen of different reports for that date. The question is if they will announce something besides the D90? Primes? D3x?

  • Blog Admin

    Ok, I see what you mean  – Ken Rockwell was wrong. True.

  • Renato

    This confirms once more Aug 27th as the day announcement will be made. Is it singular? Curious if they’re implying just one product. Please, German native speakers, the usage implies singular or could be used in a generic context of many things being announced?

  • Joda

    This means nothing… Is just an anouncement of the D700 in Switserland. They say there are just a view available.

  • matt

    “… noch eine weitere …” ->
    means: …JUST ONE MORE…

  • matt

    sry, post is for Renato

  • Blog Admin

    No, not true – they are talking about and “additional” news. D700 gets announced on the same date world wide, no reason for Switzerland to be behind.

  • somebody

    Sounds like “one” in a sense of singular to me. (German).

    The D700’s price is a rip-off by the way:
    4498SwF= 2792 EUR or 4094 USD

  • SB

    “eine weitere” would be like “a nother” 😉

  • Blog Admin

    Isn’t cheaper to buy it from the US and pay the taxes?

  • Renato

    I told you so 😉

  • Renato

    Thanks. I think the D90 is ready to ship, some retailers have already included it in inventories, so this may be related to that. Other stuff, likely the D3X, could be announced but scheduled for later availability, like the D3/D300 last year.

  • Tom

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize Ken Rockwell should be ignored.

  • Blog Admin

    Tom, we got your message already.

  • Tom

    We? Come’on! Nikon Rumors is clearly a one-man operation. It was directed at you.

  • Renato

    Well, Thom is now saying maybe no D3X now. I still think they’d announce it with a later shipping date, just to stir things as they did with D3 last year:

    “It now appears that my 2008 pro body predictions were backwards. I predicted the D3x would appear and that the D700 would be pushed to a 2009 ship. I’m now thinking that I must have misunderstood my original source and got the products reversed. Even if a high resolution body is announced soon, I don’t see any of the indications I look for showing that it is ready to ship.

    Of course, what I’ve written here is also speculation. I simply don’t know any details about the high resolution FX body at the moment. If it were about to pop, I normally would, thus I have to conclude that it’s not about to pop. That doesn’t mean that it won’t appear, only that the expectation that it’s something you can max out your credit card on in the near future is unrealistic.”

  • Blog Admin

    Tom, I am just reading your last 3 comments and realized that you have a lot of time on your hands. Use it for something productive instead of guessing how many people are behind NikonRumors – this is completely irrelevant to the reader.

  • Anonymous

    “”Thom is now saying””
    That sounds about right. That guy has no idea what he is saying 90% of the time.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Rumpelhund

    With all due respect please Go suck on an egg.

    Love anonymous

  • Anonymous

    1) I’d like to point out that there’s apparently more than one anonymous out there…

    2) If you look through the replies the nikonrumors.com articles get, they’re full of opinions. Actually, it’s almost 100% opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Yup. And additionally, they already had a D700 intro promotional event something like two months ago.

  • bigbear

    …really I don’t know the announce date, only that it will join the Europe market (mean “disposable and in good stock”) at the end of year. I don’t know more unfortunately, exepted 24 mp, and max 3 fps., regards!

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks keep us informed if you hear something.

  • Blog Admin

    I do not like this type of comments. I haven’t banned anyone from this blog yet. I do not want you to be the first one. Fair warning.

  • Blog Admin

    I would have to agree with Renato. Rumors are not an exact science and Thom Hogan has Publish valid information so far.

  • rumpelhund

    1) ‘course, but how to name the unnamed?
    2) Nothing ‘gainst opinions, it’s all we talk about here, but opinions_on_people is of minor interest here (at least to me) while rumors an opinions_on_photographic_gear is what brings me here

    Did not mean to offend you, 4 chan

  • Bipolaroldie

    Just bought the D700 for 2920USD or 1980EUR last week (all exchange rates up to date).

    This is slightly off-topic and not of any ill-intent, but just thought the pricing might be of people’s interest.

    I have no interest to faciliate any buisness transection here, but this is what you could buy over here.

  • Anonymous

    The price is a rip-off, but prices are generally higher in Europe due to a variety of factors, mostly the one that Nikon (Canon also I think) is transferring the dollar prices directly to EUR, which is stupid.

    Other than that, Switzerland is one of the cheaper countries for buying cameras in Europe. The cheapest price you can get here currently is CHF 3300 / EUR 2100 for the D700.

    I could stop by at the FotoPro shop later today and ask them what it will be that they will sell from 28th on…

    BTW, they are speaking of one thing, not several. I am pretty sure it will be a camera since no one would do such an advertising over a new lens. My personal guess is that it will be the D90. It is definitely not the D700 – that one is available here for weeks if not months already.

  • Anonymous

    This is why only morons (oh, well, poorly informed customers) and rich old amateurs buy at PhotoPro… sorry.

  • rumpelhund

    Dear anonymous, dear Tom,

    This forum is for rumors and opinions on these. I found your postings against people quite unfriendly and not helpful to anyone.

    Would you mind if I asked you to reduce your posting of opinions on others (be it Ken or ‘morons’)?

    I (and I think more of us readers) are not interested in your opinions on other people, known or not.

    Thanks for increasing politeness, if possible.

  • Renato

    At least he puts a name besides his statements… which, for those who follow Nikon, are pretty much on the mark most of the time. Few internet photographic people are more credible than Thom Hogan.

  • BigBear

    A new version of the D3 (the D3x) will have 24Mp, will be in stock ready to sales at the end of the year in Europe.

    What riported http://nikonrumors.com/2008/08/17/foto-magazin-scan.aspx is true

    The continous shooting will not be over 3 fps, because the camera is a “Studio” version of the D3 and not a pure sport camera.


  • Blog Admin

    If you know something more and would like to share privately, please email me. Can we expect the D3x next week?

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