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News from Germany: Nikon D700 and SB900 in ProfiFoto magazine

Remember this post about the delay of the German ProfiFoto magazine (with the funny picture)? A reader just posted the following comment:

Hi all,

just came back from shopping with germany's new issue of "ProfiFoto". They have a two-side presentation of D700 and SB900 (delayed the issue for five days to be first with the data). Here are the facts:

D700: D3-Sensor, AF-Module but no phone/speaker, only 95% viewer, 200-6400ISO, 5FPS (8 with MB-D10), pop-up-flash (power 11), dust-removal on sensor, EN-EL3e, 1076g, fsync 1/250, 1/8000-30s, one CF-Slot, grid in viewer optional, virtual horizon, little less fast to D3. Compatible to WT-4.

SB900: 17-200mm (14mm) on FX. Reacts on DX/FX-effective focal length. Three illumination modes: standard, even, midconcentrated. Firmwareupdate via camera-CF. Overheat-deactivation. Reads and communicates gels to camera for WB. Handling by central turning wheel.

prices: D700 @ 2.599EUR, SB900 @ 500EUR

Here is the original post. 
This sounds legit. I traceroute the IP address of the computer from where this comment was submitted and it was really in Germany!
Can someone in Europe confirm this and give us more info?
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  • Blog Admin

    I also had my doubts about the magazine on Sunday. But one thing is for sure – the magazine is already printed and is being delivered right now. My other thought was that Germans are serious people – they would not scam us.

    They could have emailed me directly instead of posting directly on the blog.
  • Dan

    95% viewfinder coverage is disappointing.

    Can we get a magazine scan?

  • Greg

    This camera will retail for $4 thousand plus dollars and it’s not even 100% view… I find that very hard to believe.

  • Dan

    I also find the price hard to believe. If true, it would make the D3 only about $700 more expensive.

  • Alfg

    really disappointing :(

  • Piotr

    The D3 is priced around 4800€ in Europe. So D700 would be more like 2000€ cheaper. Which seems too big a difference, on the contrary…

  • orion84
  • Piotr

    That’s an average price of 4300 € (if you don’t cherry pick serious shops). Nowhere near a simple $/€ exchange rate would let one assume… If this is confirmed, I would expect a 2800$/3000$ tag in US.

  • orion84

    Well, this probably wasn’t the best example for my statement I guess. Because that Pricewatch lists mostly computer hardware shops. Consumer electronics is improving but quite a few shops are still missing.

    Most camera shops in the Netherlands have the D3 body for under €4000 even the local shops, not just web shops.


    It is a fact that ProfiFoto will sell the
    Nr. 7-8 on the 1. of July (which means some days later than normally) because of product news (Have a look at their homepage!)So this all makes sense

  • Blog Admin

    I spent 30 min on their homepage – nothing.

  • Piotr

    Well here in France the average price is around 4300€, at TechniDirekt, the German B&H, it goes for 4800 € (rebate included), so I stand by my main point : except if Nikon is about to reevaluate its change rates politics, 2600€ would not translate to a 4000$ US price, but more likely to something around 3000$.

    But as I never heard about a magazine being released on a Sunday, I think the whole point is moot. ;)

  • Blog Admin

    Yes! Anyone in Germany with a scanner?

  • Blog Admin

    The US price may not be based on the exact Euro/$ exchange rate.

  • http://www.michaelryan.ie Michael

    D3 in Ireland for €4200, D300 for €1600, so if the D700 has the D3 sensor, 2600 would be a fair price, but is it worth the extra €1000 over the D300? or will the D300 drop a bit more? The difference between the D700 & d300 might be better invested in a new lens and bump up the fps with a new grip?

  • Renato Pedrosa

    Anty news about second camera? D90? Or just D700 and SB900?

  • Blog Admin

    The D90 rumor mill has been silent in the past few days. Maybe Photokina?

  • Renato Pedrosa

    Yep, disappointing IMO, I’d guess there are more people waiting for that one than for a compact FF.

  • Mike

    This seems like B.S. First of all, they put a 100% viewfinder in the D300 so I doubt they would give the D700 a 95% viewfinder. Second, anytime some says something random and immeasurable like “little less fast to D3″ I don’t believe it. Little less fast as far as what? Shutter blackout? AF speed? How was this measured when the camera isn’t even out yet, if it even exists?

  • Renato Pedrosa

    I mostly agree. And, at this point a more credible info should be floating around, like a site with an open link to the specs, or some other info. Also a press conference should have been scheduled, unless Nikon will make a quiet announcement of new equipment this time.

  • Blog Admin

    Do we know that they haven’t scheduled a conference? Is this info available to the public?

  • Greg

    The rumor is that the “new equipment” will be announced on Monday, June 30th (tomorrow). We will know soon enough whether this was a well orchestrated farse or not.

  • Blog Admin

    … or July 1st

  • Renato

    Well, at least the cases when announcements were done at press conferences, we knew about them quite early. I think of both last year’s announcement of D300/D3 and this year’s ann. of D60. Some people have said they heard about Nikon reps mentioning meetings this coming week, but no confirmed conference that I know of.

  • Bernard Languillier

    My view is that Nikon is simply trying to replicate in digital their former film camera line up. This means that the only body in each line with 100% viewfinder is the pro bodies (D300 and D3).

    The main target of the D700 is IMHO the guys still with film trying to migrate to digital.

    Those people with F80 etc… are definitely used to a viewfinder not showing 100% of the scene. Besides live view does obviously show 100% for those needing this capability.

    So, considering the cost etc…, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the D700 were indeed only 95%.


  • Blog Admin

    If you look at this forum (translated):

    apperently someone was informed from Nikon about an announcement on July 1st (look for David’s posts). 
  • Mike

    That is a good point actually. As well, they probably want to keep it from being a D3 without a built-in grip so deliberately de-spec it, so to speak. Maybe it will be like Canon, where the 40D, or even the 30D, outspecs the 5D in many things except sensor size. Regardless, I hope it’s true!

  • Dan

    Remember: Canon EOS 5D has a 96% viewfinder too.

  • Bill

    There is a scheduled meeting for Photo press folk in Australia. Is being held on 2 July. That is one day after the same folk are being briefed by Canon – tomorrow 1 July. Sounds like both companies have gear being released.

  • RumpelHund

    Actually I got it at the railway station on saturday already, they open every day. It’s my business-laptop so I did not dare email (foolish me!).

    I’ll send you a repro this evening (10h from now).

  • Dan

    Nikon”>http://i26.tinypic.com/2zs8v84.jpg”>Nikon D700

  • Canonite

    Looks like ye Olde canon 5D is still a good buy….all those toys but still no decent sensor resolution :|

  • http://www.xanga.com/matthewsaville Matthew Saville Photography

    You better believe the D700 has ony 95% viewfinder coverage. They have to differentiate from the D3 SOMEHOW! And, it’s not easy to accommodate a 35mm viewfinder AND a pop-up flash, while maintaining 100% coverage.

    Secondly, you’d better believe that the D700 is “only” 12 megapixels! Some of us are NOT willing to sacrifice certain aspects of image quality (not to mention practicality) for the sake of sheer resolution. Sure, I’m all in favor of ALSO making an 18 megapixel D700X, I’d love to have one for my landscape photography hobby. But I am ecstatic that they are at least STARTING at 12 megapixels. 12 is all I need for ALL my work, in fact a lot of the time 12 is even overkill, and I down-sample to 2.8 megapixels for the images I deliver to clients…


    However, these rumors in particular don’t sound believable at all. The SB900 sounds like a complete joke. Reads and communicates gels? Yeah, right!

  • kim

    Nikon has 1 chance to challenge the 5D and an expensive de-spec’d D700 won’t do it. Slower AF, 95% view and junk like that would see me off to Canon. I think Nikon will give the best they have particularly with the 5Dii and the Sony hot on the trail.

  • Dan
  • Dave

    I believe this is legit!!! :)

  • Dan


  • Dan
  • freddyc

    Ok, now I’m convinced – looks like we have ourselves a D700! It also looks like the brochure scans from last week were genuine too. Now just waiting for the official announcement….

  • http://www.the-edge.at Simon

    don´t forget the adavantages which come with a ff-sensor …

  • PPE

    Are you a moron? 12mp…. is…. huge.

    My D3 images look much better than anything from the 5D I had. The 5D is NOT a pro camera, its not sealed, its a cheap plastic body.

  • Renato

    D80 listed as prize for Nikon photo contest international (Nikon.com). Since prizes will be awarded next year … Can’t be, they’ll probably sub that for updated model.

    2nd Prize 10 (5 from each category) Nikon Digital SLR Camera D80
    AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR

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