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What is that?

This is not what it says it is:

Here is the link.
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  • http://www.asjo.dk Aslak Johansen

    Looks like it was snapped from this site: http://apphotnum.free.fr/N2BE27.html

  • Blog Admin

    Oh, so this is old news?

  • http://www.photoboxr.com photoboxr

    I don’t know what that is. What kind of business would sell a camera with a faked picture. It’s also pretty shady that the 1st “Bundle” comes with a battery, suggesting you don’t get a battery without the bundle.

  • Nikon Rumors

    This is not Nikon D3

    Talking about advertisement…Why am I keep seeing this camera? D3? We discussed this model before. Did Nikon actually produce such prototype, made ads and never released it? …

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