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Nikon D90 – is this what’s coming tomorrow?

A reader emailed me this picture of a Nikon D90:
For comparison here is the D80 - look at the differences. Too much details for PS job. This looks like the real thing:
and now compare the build in flash (below is the D80:
A PS-ed D300? Below is the comparison with D300:
We may find out tomorrow!
Update: This one goes down in the history of Nikon rumors as busted - many people thought that this was the real deal.
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  • http://elysianfields.jaguarconnections.com/ Elysium

    looks fake to me too…

    several reasons why. just look at at this->

    structure of leather is identical under the shutter. looks like a photoshoppes d300 + d80.


  • bashar

    Its FAKE, Because WHY on earth you have a mode button “D300″ and a Mode dial on the left?!!!

  • Bill

    The mode could be for metering or liveview and if this is a preproduction sample it could be subject to change.

  • http://www.nikkom.eu Nikola

    I think it`s PS fake. The picture is made from D300 photo. I hope that I`m wrong and we will see a new D90 tomorrow.

  • Blog Admin

    I added some comparisons with the D300.

  • Bute

    I have had the priviledge of sampling the D90 and this picture looks alot like the real thing. If it isn’t real (looks darn close!), the person who made it must have seen the real thing.
    On the sample I used, that much debated MODE button is acually a metering mode button, like the d80 it just doesnt have the 3d matrix metering symbol yet. This camera has an SD/SDHC card port, only 4 FPS burst, plastic body that DOES have weather sealing and has live-view also. Plus it has most of the features of the d300 just in a smaller body, designed to compete with the Canon 40D. Expect an annoncement before the bejing olympics. also, has no one noticed that there is a remote port like the d80?

  • Blog Admin


  • http://www.nikkom.eu Nikola

    Thak you very much for your info! Hope to see D90 announcement soon.

  • Jim

    interesting choice of kit lens. Lets hope they have a 16-85mm vr as the kit lens!

  • http://flickr.com/photos/joshgeyer Josh Geyer

    I think they’ll bundle it with the 18-200 vr or the 18-135, the 16-85 vr is pretty expensive for a kit lens.

    Also, I know I generally call BS on the rumor pics…

    But I honestly think this one is the real thing! Nice job Nikon Rumors!


  • Blog Admin

    Could be – I think the button label is “mode”.

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, this looks  the same. If it wasn’t for the “9” I would say is 98% real, but the 9 bothers me. I am on the same side of the fence as all of you – I am also trying to figure it our – is it bull or is it cool?

  • freddyc

    Seems like everyone wants this to be the real deal. Have a close look at the detail around the “D90″ where leather meets the smooth casing, not in a million years is that real. Sorry guys 100% fake – nice try!

  • http://www.asjo.dk Aslak Johansen

    I still think it looks fake, but then again it might just be JPEG artifacts smearing the texture around a few of the critical areas.

  • http://www.texasstartupblog.com Alexander Muse

    I can say with 100% assurance it is a completely fake PS photo. The creator took a D300 photo and altered it. See my edit of the photo:


  • Simon Wright
  • Michael

    U are all ridiculous, the D90 will be announced at Photokina 2008, and this picture is fake not just because the detail is garbage, but because its assimetrical – look how the flash mount looks bended / distorted. This is fake, get a D80.

  • Peter

    As has already been pointed out, the leatherette/top plate intefacce is terrible. But look carefuly and you can actually see the shape of the pc-sync/10 way connector cover.

  • http://www.markus-dollinger.de/2008/06/16/wieder-spekulationen-um-neue-d-slr-nikon-d90/ … nachbelichtet

    Wieder Spekulationen um neue D-SLR: Nikon D90

    Bei Nikon Rumors gehen die Spekulationen um einen eventuellen Nachfolger der Nikon D80 weiter. Demnach soll die neue Kamera D90 heißen (wie originell!) und zeigt dabei frappierende Ähnlichkeiten zur D300.

    Allerdings genügt meiner Ansi…

  • curlykale

    A total fake, see photography bay! Why will we see whether ‘it’s a fake tomorrow'(today)? Nikon have not announced
    any release date and it’s pure conjecture on Thom Hogan’s part.

  • toto

    The D90 logo is a failed attempt to modify D80 to D90. Who on earth would make a number 9 like that?
    Should have taken a D60 and flip the number 6, it would look a lot more realistic.

  • http://www.xanga.com/matthewsaville Matthew Saville Photography

    Wow, it does look real at first glance! And then the “gotchas” set in- The mode dial, (I don’t buy the explanation for a second) the abundance of rubberization, the poor detail on the upper right corner, the horrible job of “constructing” the D90 logo, etc.

    Drat, and Monday is almost over, I guess we WON’T see an anouncement today!


  • Paul J. Rider

    I have been following the rumors hoping that the D90 would be released while I still have a chance to return my Sony alpha350 for a refund… Alas I have only a few days left, if nothing comes out before then I’ll have to keep the alpha350..

  • Blog Admin

    Why don’t you return your Sony, and buy it again – that way you will have another 30 days (or whatever the return policy is). Remember, I do not know when a product will be released, I just report on the rumors I get.

    Good luck!
  • cray

    OK, its not the real thing.
    But being that the D80 was son of D200 with mode dial and a few other changes this is a fair stab at what the D90 (from D300) could be like.
    I dont really care, I wont be buying it-yet, but I will buy a near new D80 in a few months when the price drops to below $500au ’cause all you gear junkies have to have the latest stuff!

  • Blog Admin

    I am with you on that one. I am also waiting on  the D300 to go under $1000 so I can snap one…

  • graham

    Glad you liked my picture. I spent like 3 hours on it and it acually fooled a few people. I also used paint.net not PS. i posted this on dpreview first. should have spent more time on the right side and logo but is was like 2am at night/ in the morning.
    see you all next time.

  • Mike

    Why would you buy a Sony A350 anyway? It has the worst viewfinder I have ever seen.

  • Blog Admin

    In addition, with Sony you are limited on lenses, accessories, etc.

  • Blog Admin

    Can you prove that you are the “master”?

  • Blog Admin

    I do remember now, so we can call this a fake. Thanks for admitting it.

  • http://www.kms.com KMS

    All ye who yearn for an illusive piece of light box will one day see light at the end of the tunnel …… only to find out it is an oncoming mail train. Nikon will be taking all of us for a ride.

  • graham

    i sent it to you with an msn email adress no one would know? and its the one i typed in

  • mel

    now we have just learned that the D90 will have video recording capability, this will turn out to be one hell of a camera ffor Nikon. Here is the link about video recording:

  • PSC

    The 9 from the “D90″ badge on the camera is what caught my eye.. looks so darn fake. too bad.

  • Brian Rayland

    I wonder if the 9 looks fake cause it is the 6 from the D60 turned upside down? Could be, that would have been the easiest way to get the same material look.

  • Scott

    When the heck is Nikon going to release the D90 already?! I am sick of this protracted waiting game. Enough already. %!@$#@!#$!!!

  • Blog Admin

    next week- almost there

  • http://www.ritzcamera.com Gino

    Hey, we are taking pre orders for the nikon d90 with 18-105mm VR lens will be out in 3 weeks, call me diretly at 949-442-0202 ext 213 or email me gino@ritzinteractive.com $1299.95

  • http://nikon.pl Waldemar

    On official polish web side of Nikon is already presented D90.Look on

  • http://www.buyingadvice.com New car prices

    I would love to get a Nikon camera. Fusing 12.3-megapixel image quality and a cinematic 24fps D-Movie Mode, the Nikon D90 exceeds the demands.

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