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Nikon stock ticker, financial info missing for the US market – what’s going on here?

I am trying to trace down Nikon's stock market ticker and financial data to get some corporate information. I guess their stock in not traded in the US. Is this possible? See here for yourself - traded everywhere around the world, except the US. Canon, on the other site, is traded on the NYSE under the ticker CAJ. I guess I have to look into the Japanese stock exchange.

Can someone clarify this for me?

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  • Jonathan

    Not all stock is listed on American exchanges.

  • pz

    I was just thinking that Nikon, as a big company, would be listed in the US to give an easy access to investors. I was more interested in the stock forums and the topics discussed there.

  • Jonathan

    You can see financial data etc here

    Nikon is very much a Japanese company. Perhaps other firms would want to list on the NYSE for easier access, but my guess is Nikon is proud of its Japanese listing.

  • pz

    Thanks – I should have taken this financial class in college… I guess they have increase their sales and profit, but nothing was mentioned in terms of upcoming products.

  • Steve

    I guess that’s why they used Ashton as their boy toy spokesman, because they are proud of their japanese heritage.

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